Super Smash Brothers


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Who did not like this 4 player fighting game? All your favorite Nintendo characters, alot of moves, alot of stages, hilarious fights, and one Kirby that just will not fall off the edge.

I love this game. So much variety and class. If you don't like it there has got to be something wrong with you. This is THE best multiplayer game period!
Better late then never. Man I can't believe I forgot about this. Work has been so hectic lately.
Man I have long memories of this game... like the first time I saw the game at a game store in SoCal... such great fights with that game.... Mario was the best...
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Dark Samurai)</div><div class='quotemain'>Mario was the best...[/quote]
No, Samus was the best.

Samus always made me laugh - when you get hit by one of those charged up bullets you go flying! Haha :D

Oh, and Luigi is king!