The Fickle nature of Dreamcast

Barring the subhead, I've got a question regarding my Dreamcast and 3 original games which i purchased not just an hour ago. Three secondhand gems - Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi and Virtua Fighter 3tb. A measly discounted price at $10 AUS each. However i am not here to brag. Each of these games refuses to boot, with the exception of SC which booted once, worked fine, and refuses to do so again. I immediately tested my other original games and each worked perfectly. Not a problem. I cracked out my not-so-original VF3tb, booted it, played it, and had it crash after one fight.

"Hold on, that's not right" thought i. So I got out the other 'not-so-original' Crazy Taxi and to my pleasantry, it worked 100%.

I can't understand how the three originls don't boot...A similar thing happened when i bought a Second-hand Jet Grind Radio - it too refused to boot. I returned it under the pretence that it simply didn't work. The only explanation i can offer is that it's the hardwares fault - the originals are hardly scratched.

If any of you champs has an inkling as to what's goin' on, hey, I'd be grateful as...well...grate...And I apologise for mentioning the 'not-so-legal' things, but i thought it would help in identifying a solution.
my friend's dreamcast stopped working with his NHL2K original copy, but it worked fine on mine...his "not so original" copy of it worked fine on his dreamcast... I cleaned the lens with a cuetip and alcohol, and sprayed compressed air all over the insides of the machine, that worked for a little while, but then it shortly went back to not working with's never worked 100% right for that game since
Thanks Zziggy for the honest news. Unfortunately, I know the interior of the Dreamcast about as well as my anus, which needless to say is, well...actually we've never met. So to spray compressed air and clean it I'd need a guide of some sort to know that i'm not buggering it all up royally.

BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY. To quote the wondrous Baldrick, "I have a cunning plan." That, and it's also devious and downright shifty. That's not altogether a bad thing...

So - I have a second-hand dealer selling used Dreamcast's for $95 AUS. I can simply buy, test, and if it works better than mine...return. The old one that is. Wouldn't be very cunningotherwise, now would it? Eh?

And because i buy from there all the time, store credit wouldn't be as useless as...Yes i too love the magic of store credit, what with being so much more convenient than useless, universal money. But hey.

If anyone else know the architecture and can tell me what to do and not do, then boy o' boy, I'll never use that expression again.


Oh and Zzig, you're a champ for starting up ftpxtreme. Kudos for accepting another 0 post member...the shame, the shame...
That would be very dishonest of you and something to think about the next time you get ripped off.

As for the problem, I would guess the GD-ROM mechanism is worn out. It's not uncommon with older Dreamcasts. The data is packed more densely on a GD-ROM than on a CD-ROM, meaning the laser has to be positioned more accurately.
Thanks antime. And i know it's altogether wrong...I'm going to operate before i consider any other course of action.

Now here comes another iify, if not, related question. I have a 'copy' of Skies and Grandia 2, both of which crash at a specific area. Is this related to the other problems i'm facing, or is it with the >ahem< discs themselves?

Cut me some slack - I'm looking to buy every DC gem out there, if only these two would pop up at any of the second-hand stores i go to. Unfortunately, there's only one retailer selling DC games in Melbourne (AUS) and then they've only got a crippled list of 'Spirit of Speed' and 'Gameday.' Wonderful.

So the point is, I'm not all evil.
Hey! My original copy of Skies of Arcadia freezes up too! Is yours on disc 1 after the one girl tricks them into giving her that one stone thingee?

I have to get an "alternate copy" just to continue playing

Man I love that game too!!!!
Skies and Grandia 2... I don't know where the crash point is for sure (I never played all the way to it before buying legal copies of the games). But from what I read, after the crash, you need to put in the next disc. Make sure you've saved as close to the crash point as possible.
oh maybe I'll try that.

Mine doesn't "crash" per se, but it acts like it's going to load a ship battle.

The music keeps playing, but the screen is black.

I don't think I'm quite far enough to warrent making it to the second disc though.

We'll see
Firstly, my crash point is after the second 'huge-elemental-titan' thingy. I try to fly to the next area (going through the empire where you're supposed to meet you're next party member (blame the faqs). I think he's a gunslinger? GUS? Somethin like that. So The event is about to launch Dangnabbit...

But I think i'm living proof that you should never assume intelligence. After having Space Channel 5 crash on me (again, not-so-original) i figured something needs to be done. So i look at the laser and discover the hairiest lens i've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Now for the cleaning. The Spindle itself is almost furry so i've got a bit of operating to do. Is opening the DC like a saturn? Screw bottom, lift? I really don't want to get myself into something i can't get out of...

And racketboy - Skies is easily one of the BEST RPG's around. The gameplay, the story, the characters, the setting. It's got it all. Why is it that the PS1 had the largest (and best IMO) collection of RPG's, when the PS2 has an entire library of shite? You'd think companies would improve the graphics, rehash gameplay and make more gold. But instead we get evergrace, and wizardry, and kings field, and forever kingdoms, and...the list goes on. Dammit! The plight of the traditional RPG...

Racketboy are you're talking about the hot chick (get over it) in the desert hotel? She turns out to work for the empire? Mine is a fair way after that. But what a great game, eh?
opening the dreamcast is simple...remove the screws lift off the cover.

As for compressed air, you can spray that all over the insides of the dreamcast to your heart's content, it won't hurt a thing.

If there is hair inside the drive mechanisms that could def. screw things up, once the lid is open you should see the drive assembly, it will be supported by rubbery circular pads (for lack of a better term) and you can actaully lift the drive houseing without unpluging anything if you are careful and take your time you can get to the underside and see if anything is cloging up the gears...

When the gears are cleared from blockage, manually SLOWLY AND GENTLY move the gears with your fingers and get a full range of motion with the laser head so it moves back and fourth a few times. Put the assembly back down and then with a cuetip that has just a tad of rubbing alcohol on the tip (don't drench it! just a dot!) and rub it over the laser eye.

Screw the case back on, and give it another try, good luck
Originally posted by Rorscach@Mar 22, 2003 @ 01:59 AM

So - I have a second-hand dealer selling used Dreamcast's for $95 AUS.

Where in Melbourne would that be?

I'm kind of interested in getting a Dreamcast...
Originally posted by Rorscach@Mar 22, 2003 @ 01:59 AM

Racketboy are you're talking about the hot chick (get over it) in the desert hotel? She turns out to work for the empire? Mine is a fair way after that. But what a great game, eh?

Yeah I know that -- it's right after she turns on you that it freezes up for me.
That bites Racketboy. I tried switching the disc over at the crash point and nada.

To boot, I even took your advice Zziggy. I opened it up, had a field day, and more or less cleaned the lens. EXCEPT for that one infernal hair lodged under the lens. Lodged. Under. Lens. Shite.

So i went out to buy another DC. $88 AUS it costed me. And i wouldn't complain, if the thing had sound, didn't crash, chose not to reset, and ran all games. Yes, I bought a Dreamcast in worse nick than mine. And it costed me $88. However, they have a repair before refund policy, so they better make it brandspanking new...

And mal, the place in Melbourne is in Melbourne. If you know the city well, there's a cash converters on Elizabeth street. That's the place.

Well, what can i say? Be wary of second-hand shite. <_<
Yeah, I know that one. I hadn't been looking for Dreamcasts before.

Is that where you got the $88 one? Do they still have more?
so, wait.. wait.. are y'all sayin i shouldn't buy a dreamcast seein' as the games don't work right all the time? WTF?!


ps. there's a store in indianapolis (near me) that has a dreamcast w/controller, cables, vmu, and free game for $25USD. haha. it's mine tomorrow, probably.
They actually have one more, so get in quick before i return the one i just bought

It's a fairly decent place with some reasonably priced hardware and games (Virtua Fighter 2? A dollar?!) though their discounts are paltry. Spend $120 and you'll get, what, $10 off? It's a poor, poor, joke... <_<
I might have to leave that one to you. Not enough $$$ right now.

I've only been there a couple of times before, but I'd only ever seen one Saturn game and no Dreamcast stuff. I guess their stock just fluctuates.

Anyway maybe it's better that I don't get a Dreamcast. Think of all the noob questions I'd be coming out with.
Noob questions? Whatever for my good man? What with no modchip necessary, no swap trick necessary, and country code dealt with by a boot disc, you've got yourself one hella pirate-friendly console.

That is to say, if that's you're thing

When you scrounge together enough, get a DC from the trading post. Easily one of the best consoles. Next to the PSOne that is
...just out of curiosity, what's with the anti-sony sentiment around here? Every system has it's ups and downs; PS1 just happens to have all the RPG's.
It was a joke, Joyce.

I will, however, have a look in the Trading Post when I have some cash again. Thanks for the tip.