The frustration!!


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Burning Angel, start a new thread about your problem and give us every detail that you possibly can.
i believe a replacement chip is being mailed soon and i wanted to know what everyone thinks is the best setup to try first when i get it. i was thinking of doin the standard one of soldering the blue wire to the 14th pin.


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Sure, if you're comfortable with soldering to the 32 pin IC, go for it.

The 'A+B' mod method is electrically identical to soldering to the 32 pin IC so it doesn't make any real difference.
i guess i will try the A+B bridge first because that is easier. one question though is, when i bridge A+B do i have to connect 0019 or 0014 to the coomon or will bridging A+B with both ends of the blue wire and connecting the red to 5v(2nd from the top for me) be enough for the mod to work? i know using a blob of solder will also work in A+B bridge but i will probably just soldering the other end of the blue to B because i dont want that wire hanging loose inside the system.


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You always need either 0014 or 0019 bridged regardless of which mod method you use.

Personally, I'd start with 0014 and try 0019 if that doesn't work.

You can bridge A and B how with either a solder blob or a piece of wire. It doesn't matter.
when use say regardless the method, are saying that u need to bridge either 0019 and 0014 to the common when u solder the blue to the 14th pin? i think at some point it would be good to collect all methods possible and post them all on one permanent thread so ppl will know them, unless there already is one i dont know of.


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The post at the top of the saturn forum that is stickyed about the ab method is kind of like that. However, what mal is saying is do this:

Bridge 0014 to common

leave 0019 alone

don't solder the blue wire to 14

instead use the blue wire for the a+b method

solder the power wire to the 5v (make sure it's the 5v, or you get a dead modboard)

and it should all work.
ya i understand that, but when he said that u have to brideg either to the common "Regardless of What Method You Use" i thought he was also speaking of when u solder the blue to the 14th pin


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Whether you solder to the 14th pin, join points 'A+B' or whatever, you need to have 0014 or 0019 bridged to the little common pad that's in between them. I only suggest trying 0014 first because I've never needed to use 0019 on any Saturns of my own, or that I've modded for other people.

Is that clear enough?
I had a similar problem on my Sega CD. I found that using a lower burning speed fixed it. You also have to make sure that you ar only using one region code. Click the clear other region codes in satconv. I can't guarentee it will work, but it's the best I have to offer.
When you say that original games boot up properly, does the saturn still reads the protection ring from it? (with the modboard installed)

I had some similar problems, it ended up to be that i had to keep my hand on the modboard, pushing it to the left (towards the cdboard), somehow it wasn't making a good connection with the mainboard.

As mal has already said... don't worry with the 0014, 0019 issue, just keep 0014 and Common Connected and forget about it, pretend it doesn't exist

If you have a multimeter you could check if the voltage on the 14th pin equals to A (or B ) point.... (just a guess..)

jandaman sent me a replacement mod and i hooked it up in like 2 minutes and it worked. finally, after all the attempts..
well, it already came with 0014 and the common soldered(i believe the same goes with the first copy i got), and i did the most common way. i followed the original instruction i had heard and hooked the blue to the 14th pin. it worked after the first try and so far so good.