Three word story game


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. Thats what she

*current story so far*

There was a bright and shiny dildo which could be used in vast green pastures where some would wiggle and jiggle as much as the Pillsbury Doughboy also known as Sakura to some the Canadians wave their flags energetically as if caring about Tony’s pizza. Tony, however was sitting on a lot of cheese when he noticed the large herd of Ewoks rampaging past a burning purple monkey dishwasher. This dishwasher was filled with many varieties of crockery as well as an insubstantial amount of fluffy sheep. “Holy freaking hell!” cried Ernie the worlds tallest midget, for he was completely shocked by the sheer power struggle of the ninjas and pirates. You see, for the fighting masters of the internet to be in such a great pond of ducks was a complete slap in the right thigh bone. Then Captain Kirk beamed down to the surface of Uranus, hoping to penetrate it deeply. Finty’s avatar, however, caught his eye amongst other things like a PS3 that looks like a ps3, duh! He decided that his face was imploding. He grabbed my Sega CD and just maybe that was salvation because he really never played Snatcher with his nose. But then suddenly someone double posted the same thread about the horror of having to run like a one legged midget straight into the wet and fragrant face which meant all was done of the land called Monster World. Dark and lonely was the monkey sent to Earth by the evil and ornery mal thumb tack pickles lined his fingers big, fat ass can of snakes tastes so good yet it lacks cheesy white sauce and mountain oysters found only in the subcontinent of Europe, though it smells awful, like oh my god… this is actually going nowhere fast, so we should all pitch in and grab whatever is not bolted down to the floor of tis fusty Chevrolet, and make for the and start to, on second thought, where is Waldo? Looking for Lisa, a lost love, I was wandering by an arcade and scored really high in Squares 2 and from there the thread died. Poor mal, the was always was a good chap, trying to bouse calls that are square. Of course, he mode his unit to suit the current fashion of transvestite liliputians everywhere. Thats what she