Titan IDE - Physical Edition


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In the month of July we published a survey asking your opinion about the future of Titan Game Studios. In total 60 people answered the survey and helped us define our next steps.

In the survey 75.5% replied that they would like to see a physical version of the Titan IDE. 85.7% said they would like to see an option to export to Sega Saturn. 85.7% said they would buy a kit that was already ready to connect Dreamcast online. And finally, respondents said they would like to see a portal dedicated to the indie scene for the Sega consoles and also online game on Dreamcast.

As Titan Game Studios is a fan-made project and we do our activities in our free time, we will fulfill the requests as much as possible. To begin with, we would like to show you how the Titan IDE (Dreamcast and PC) was physically edited:


Cover art by Graziele Coli

Our plan and make available the version to purchase on the website in December. The installation DVD will accompany two templates for platform games, an RPG game template, a template for ship game, a digital manual in Portuguese and English and finally, inside the DVD will come an ISO and an EXE of a game developed using the Titan IDE in which you will be able to play on your PC or record ISO and play in your Dreamcast.

The Titan IDE will always be a free tool that will be available for download on our website. This update that will be on the DVD will also be available for download. The idea of having a physical edition is something aimed at collectors and also something to help with our project. We do not yet have a set price, we are looking for a graphic with the best cost so that the printing of DVDs is very affordable.

Following with the search results, we created a page in the FaceBook called Dreamcast Ultimate, this page was created to address the B side of Dreamcast. Indie games, homebrews, mods, online games, canceled games that leaked, applications and everything that makes Dreamcast a unique console.

The Dreamcast Ultimate will be powered by the Titan Game Studios website. All projects not related to Titan Game Studios will be published on this page, our projects will continue to be shared on the Titan Game Studios Facebook page. In this way we will maintain the organization.

source : https://titangamestudios.com/2017/09/09/titan-ide-edicao-fisica/


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Titan IDE 0.6 is online!
january 9, 2019 by luiz nai

When I released the first version of Titan IDE on April 22, 2017, I cound’t have thought I’d get this far. The tool that was born to make easier the development of my projects was open to the public and today it gets to the version 0.6.

The 0.6 version has a new interface and a much smaller installer (700 MB). In addition all the features of previous versions have been maintained and improved. 5 templates being 2 platform, 2 ShumUps and 1 RPG comes together with the graphical interface to facilitate the development of games for Dreamcast and PC.

Download for the version 0.6