Tototek Flash Cart Save Game

I have not tested that much games that have a save feature, as a matter of fact I only tried Phantasy Star II, and it wouldn't work. DO you guys know which games do work or which don't?
hmm.. PS2 worked for me. I know shining force 2 doesn't work properly, likely cause the game stores savedata on both the odd and even bytes.
PS2 works fine for me and if I remember well I uploaded as a single game. The only game so far incompatible was Landstalker but could be a bad dump.
Mhhh I will check it as single upload.. I tried saving it with a couple more ROMS (Ghouls and Ghosts and Strider), and also in several different positions (1st, 4th...) But it never worked. I will try it again as single then, thanks!
try probotector and set the region to autodetect
OK.. after several tests.... I can tell you that Phantasy Starr 2 save feature doesn't work in my cart. It is a MD PRO PLUS linker. I tried Phantasy Star 4, and it works flawlessly.

For Phantasy start 2 I tested on the Genesis 1, genesis 2 and Nomad... with only one ROM in different versions of it, with several ROMS in the cart.. etc... It always had corrupted data, it could never be fixed or erased, and the save wont work. If I place a savegame converted from an emulator, and re-read it later, it is there... byte accurate (The Yuji Naka copyright is there all the time).

Any ideas?

I also notoiced someting else that is weird... In the Nomad I get, from time to time, the message that the game was designed for NTSC systems... and all I have is NTSC =P, It could even be the same ROM after another boot sequence... The Genny Model 1 I have never gives trouble though.
There is a new FORUM over at so if you have any questions or comments about their hardware, you can get a direct answer from them...