UMK3 help needed

i got UMK3 from lerpas server and burned fine no prob, but when i play there is a delay in the audio(fight,backgroung music,players name etc.)i used ez cdpro95 burned at 4X and made sure all the wavs were in correct order because there is alot of tracks(95 of them to be exact). anybody?
IIRC from posts in the past, I believe the problem originated from how the game was originally ripped. When the game was ripped, an extra 2 seconds might have been added to each audio track if BINChunker was used to convert the BIN/CUE rip to an ISO/WAV or ISO/MP3 format. When you burn the ISO/WAV or ISO/MP3, you burner automatically adds 2 seconds of silence between tracks, thus causing the delay you're experiencing.

If you're up to it, you can try to cut 2 seconds out at the end of each WAV with an audio editor (e.g., Cool Edit) to cancel out the extra 2 seconds on each audio track. Afterwards, attempt another burn and see how it goes.