Unmodded 1.4 Xbox and 3 Broken Xboxes

Hey Folks.


I have an unmodded 1.4 Xbox for sale here, that has a thompson drive inside of it. Now, it was once modded with an Aladdin Advance XT, DuoX2, and lastly an X3, however it was only used to test modchips before installing them in a customer's xbox, or my own for that matter. The pinheader has been removed aswell, however if the buyer would like it kept on, I could put another on prior to shipping.

The thompson drive is actually one of the best i've seen, as it hasn't hiccuped at all for me, and has been working extremely well. System comes with the hookups for it.

Price: $90.00USD + shipping


I got some broken xboxes for sale. Now they aren't fully BROKEN, just they do strange things, which I no longer have the patience nor time to investigate. Console only for all off them, sold As Is, however I have explained everything I could based on the way I recieved the system and how I tried to fix it.

2 version 1.0 xboxes that I recieved with problematic LPC's (everytime a chip was installed on the LPC, it would work sometimes, but other times it wouldn't). So I decided to TSOP both (with the latest X2 Bios of course), which I did, and they both worked great for some days without a problem. However on the same day, both began to act funny.

The First one started giving me problems reading discs all together (I think the thompson drive died), and then it would freeze when playing games off the Harddrive. I'd shut it off, turn it back on, and it would work sometimes, other times it would show the X2 Loading Config File, and then black screen right after. Like I said, no more patience to look at it, $50 USD + shipping and it's yours.

The other one was working alright (Thompson drive was a little iffy sometimes, but it would play after an attempt or two), however after about 5-10 mins, it would give a strange scratchy/fuzzy audio sound through the speakers, and then would begin to cut in and out. It eventually got to the point where there was no sound at all. I shut the system off, turned it back on, and there was still no sound. I turned it back on hours later, and it was working once again without problems, but then started doing the audio problem in about 10 mins. Now this problem was both during games off the DVD, off the HD, in UnleashX, and even the Xbox loadup. No idea what was going on, but just as the other system $50USD + shipping and it's yours. (Here's a great deal also, you take both the Xbox v1.0's, $85USD + shipping for them)

And lastly of my broken Xboxes, i have a version 1.6 that is straight up killing me. I recieved it in an Xbox 1.0-1.5 case, and it worked initially, then died on me. I recently looked at it, and noticed it was the wrong case, and made the necessary adjustments. I then replaced the one COLLECTOR with a brand new one, and voila it worked once again. I also had it modded, and it worked well for about 3 days. I then tried to turn it on again yesterday via the powerbutton, and it was unresponsive. I unplugged, and plugged it back in, and still unresponsive. I turned it on via the eject button, worked perfectly. I then tried to shut it off and the power button was once agian unresponsive. I unplugged it, plugged it back in, the powerbutton was suddenly working to turn it on, but then it wouldn't shut off. I Truly have no idea what it is, and am not prepared to figure it out. There is an old Thompson in the system now, that I don't think works properly, and I just want this system out of my sight. $45 + shipping which if you can fix the motherboard, is a great deal.

ALL Three Broken Xboxes, for $120USD + shipping

I am located in Ontario, Canada, and earliest I could ship these off is next day after payment is recieved. I take paypal for payment at protosstic@rogers.com . I could get you images of all the xboxes if you would like, however they all look like normal xboxes, no modifications done to the cases or what not. Please post if interested, I don't really want to part the systems out unless it works out for me, cause I don't want to have the systems just sitting here.

If you need references, let me know. I got perfect eBay feedback under this same name (Protosstic), and done many transactions on Ps2-Scene, Xbox-Scene, among other places.

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Thanks folks!