Unreleased Sega Saturn game The Last Dynasty dumped 2021


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"The Last Dynasty is a hybrid game that casts the player in the role of the space pilot Mel Raauq. The pilot receives the mission of a lifetime: he has to locate and eventually destroy Lord Iron, whose minions are out in space in an attempt to subdue other inhabitants of the galaxy. The gameplay is divided into two phases: space combat simulator in the vein of Wing Commander, and first-person puzzle-solving adventure."

Download: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1750615984951970

or here the-last-dynasty directory listing
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I have now completed the last dynasty Sega Saturn and every mission will be getting uploaded to my channel over the next day or so. I really enjoyed it.

I would definitely recommend people give it a play through. There's a lot of variety and the story is really interesting. It's is a good port to saturn in my opinion. Gameplay is a mixture of space shooting (disc 1) and fmv adventure (disc 2).

The main difference between it and the pc version I would say is the screen when your in cockpit ( best one to use) has far less of the inside of the ship on screen in Saturn version ,while pc has the whole dashboard and side on view. Generally speaking there isn't too much slow down in Saturn version unless a big explosion happens right in front of you close up.

In terms of the actual game pacing, it could of been better as some missions are easy while others are difficult to figure out what to do. the mission objectives sound easy but you do what it asks and it doesn't seem to work. This doesn't happen too often ,but can be frustrating (This is the same on both saturn and pc).

I really liked the way you could swap to disc two after five missions and complete the fmv adventure then swap back to play more space shooting missions. Or you could just carry on with disc one space shooting missions.

The missions tasks themselves are varied with objectives such as killing enemy spacecrafts, following crates, and reaching destinations. The fmv adventure (disc 2) also has plenty of items to find (some items need to be combined) and puzzles to solve.

I did notice a few minor bugs such as temp screen flashing for no reason (on mission objective screen/start of a mission for a minute or so), sound cut out (only saw this once), and blue screen (only happened once and pressing button got rid of it). Non of these happened every time though at the same point when replaying them parts of game. Another point is the fmv adventure is not full screen and uses a fairly small window.

Overall if I was to score it i would give it 7.5/10 if I was doing it as if it came out when Saturn was out.

As far as new unreleased games go it's as good as they get being a 2 disc complete game and a must play for all sega saturn fans.
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***Additional information following on from my post above***

the game does not appear to work with saturn mouse and keyboard.

Also after completing the game there did not appear to be any reward. However, i have now noticed a new mission in the single mission option called training : shadow that was not there before and has been added as mission 17 after the final mission.

Has anyone completed pc version ? i have done a search online and couldn't find any information about a training shadow mission on pc version and the only playthrough of pc version i found on youtube does not show it. Could it be saturn exclusive?.... even if it isn't its a cool extra.