USA Shining Force III *urgently* Required.

Shakey Jake33

New Member
Ok I got a favour to ask of you guys...

I'm buying a copy of Shining Force III for an American friend of mine as a Christmas present... I've just got paid, so I wanna buy it now and get it out of the way. The problem is, of course, getting the game =/

Does anyone here either have the game and are willing to sell... or alternatively know of where to get it? (Don't say EBay)

I am very flexible with the price, within reason, because it would really mean a lot to me if I can actually manage to buy this present...


(Also, if anyone knows where to get an American Saturn, that would be handy too... but best get the hard part i.e the game out of the way).


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Jakes, I've got a spare... and at least with me you already know who you're dealin with. =)

Just drop me a line sometime. I can probably knock some extra cash off for you that I wouldn't for most folks.