Virtua Fighter 3tb

Yo, I just got ma DC arcade stick, and spent all my time on the game... Been trying to learn some moves by Kage (I was told Akira was hard for a n00b)... Learned a few grabs, flips and combos.

Can get upto stage 6 on Medium Difficulty... Ya guys got any tips? And any reccomendations on characters that could be good to learn with?

Thanks :ph34r:


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I thought Pai was I good one to learn with.

I was able to breeze through the arcade mode with her. She has some nice, yet simple combos.


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I'm the VF Expert/Addict of SX, allow me to help :D

I'm a Sarah :)drool:) player, but I bet I can help.

Yes, Akira is VERY tough to use efficiently for newbies. As is Shun, Wolf, and Jeffrey. Here are MY recommendations for newbies:

Sarah: Easy to pick up, mainly a poker, but has some great combos, juggles, and throws.

Pai: Counters VERY easy to pull off, fast, great combos.

Jacky: Think Sarah, only easier to use. I think Jacky is harder to use than Sarah, but I've been using Sarah for six years :smokin:

Lau: Lau drives me insane. As the instruction booklet for VF4 says: "Recommended for players who'd rather play offensively, than defensively". Much like Pai, only can't counter (he MIGHT, but I'm not sure).

Kage: This one's a toss-up. Some moves are very easy to learn, while his better to best moves are best suited for Intermediate to Advanced players.

Hopefully this'll help you a bit. Spend some time in the training mode. That always works!
Tried Jacky for a few hours, pulling together some cool combos like P,P.P,r+K shame execution can be slow..

Anyway i made it to 'Grade 7th' if that means anything

/Me thinks ill look at a moves list on GameFAQS :cheers

Thanks for the tips dudes!