Virtua Racing

It is indeed a great game! I got the Genesis version first. Quite amazed about what the Genny could do. Later I got the 32x version which has best gameplay of all of them. Last (two years ago) I got the Saturnversion. It has more levels and a better two player mode. But It could´ve been much improved, since it looks very dated compared to other Saturn racinggames. Also, the gameplay wasn´t quite up the the 32x one.


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I conned my brother into buying at 75 bucks or so.

Loved it until one of the chips burned. sold it for like 15 bucks a couple of years later. Picked up the 32x version around the same time and proceded to play that to death.
This was a cool game that I only got to play on rental. I distinctly remember the price tag of $99.00. That still makes me say wow.


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Originally posted by NR Pickle@Sep 29, 2003 @ 09:17 PM

I distinctly remember the price tag of $99.00. That still makes me say wow.

Yeah I remember that.

Makes me feel really cool now that I got it for a few bucks.


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We've discussed this one before...

It's still one of my favourite games. I actually bought an arcade boardset some months ago, but I haven't fired them up yet. :blush:
great game...and it was really inovative back then (but as far as I remember there was already a real 3D game on the Genesis, it was LHX Attack Chopper from EA, which I've been playing for months as I got it, it already used realtime 3D polygon grafik)

still Virtua Racing was lot's of fun on the Genesis and even more fun as I got it for 32X...was'n that the first game where you could choose between several views during the game?? But I didn't like the Saturn was developed by Tiem Warner (as far as I remember) and by Sega any more...

whatever the only SNES game, which used real time 3D, that I can remember was

Stunt Race FX which realy sucked. The only thing that I didn't like in Virtua Racing was the lack of proper music, and those short jingles all the time realy got on my nerves ^^

whatever.......SEGA ruleZ ^^


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Great game. I never was really very good at it, but it was always awesome in the arcade, especially with 2-player mode. Virtua Racing and Road Rash 2 are the only racing games I still play on the Genesis/32x - it seems like after Outrun came out, there was a dry spell of arcade racers for a long time until AM2 once again revolutionized the genre with this game (although Chase HQ was great as well).
Have anyone here noticed how similar Virtua Racing is compared to Daytona? I believed Daytona is actually Virtua Racing 2.... hmm now, where's Virtua Racing 3?