Vixen 357 (GEN)


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Vixen 357 is a Sega Mega Drive war-related video game that takes place in the late 25th century.

An interstellar war takes place and Earth emerges victorious thanks to secretly developed robots. The game was released on October 23, 1992 and was developed by Masaya and published by Nihon Computer System. The release-date retail price was set at 8,880 Japanese yen. Many of the characters that are provided to the player provide character development and losing them could mean losing the game, resulting in a game over. The game uses a battery save to help players regain lost characters in case one of them dies.

Combat in Vixen changes the rules of tactical SRPGs in some ways. For instance, a unit can undertake any action, even if it had already made a move. It is possible to move the maximum allowed distance and then use a long-range weapon to attack, or to have a unit use the Vacuum Wall on itself and its allies after attacking and taking counterattack damage in order to shield them from damage, or attack with an attack skill and escape to the ship in order to get repaired/recover MP/ammo. It is also possible to recover the ammo by using the "resupply" command near the Dread/base.

Anime-style cutscenes help advance the plot as the story develops. There are some plot twists and interesting events involved. Overall, it's a pretty strong point of the game.

All in all, this game is a great treat for all who want to experience a slightly different take on the usual SRPG formula.

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