Wachenroder translation


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Interested in programming and coding and really anything involving editing and manipulating programs. Never attempted or tried to translate games. That being said I read tutorials and use guides. Have no experience with java, python, c++. History with basic html and php, and a little bit of mySQL.

Some questions...
1. Where should I start to translate this game?
2. Programs and tools I will need?
3. Obligatory "reality check" ? (is this overly ambitious, realistic/unrealistic?)

I am new to community, and would be excited to help/contribute.
Your best bet is to just start poking around in the game files and also looking at memory dumps from Emulators. Find a good hex editor you like and use that to investigate the game data and the memory dumps. A good tile editing tool would be good for decoding the graphics data when you think you've found it. TileMolestor and CrystalTile are usually good at this.

Generally you're going to want to find the games font first. From that you can start to get an idea of how the font is ordered and therefor how the text is encoded in the game. And then you can start doing searches for common names or phrases in the game data, which can then point you to where the text is stored.

When you know enough about the data format and can successfully play with the data at a manual level, then I'd say you can start building your own tools for dumping and editing the script.


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I was hoping I might get a response from you :p really admire your work. Going to experiment and test some hex editors and see if this is a realistic project for myself.