Wangan Dead Heat


Mid Boss
And for the 500th post....

Anyone know *anything* about this game? Can't seem to find anything on google... looks like a good racing game though (from the two screenies that I found of it).

Thanks in advance!
It's a great game but it doesn't have impressive graphics, you can choose a girl to be with you in your car but you mustn't be bad driver (striking against a wall, etc), in that case the girl quit your car and you loose the game.

Like other racing game you can win cars like a 4x4, a lamborghini and a testarossa.
The graphics are indeed somewhat plain but move along at a nice steady 30fps which is always good. The way the camera swings around the car when you power-drift around curves is a little weird (as is the control itself) but you get used to it quickly. Same for the fact that your car's engine sounds like a leaf blower
It's indeed a very fun racer, with great music btw. There's FMV of the girls (cut scenes between races) to show you how you progress (do they get in the car or do they look sour and diss you etc.) and I guess eventually they strip for you, though I can't get that far yet.

There are two editions of the game btw: a single CD from 1995 which features a set of 10 girls, and a double CD released in 1996 with a different set of five girls (none of which appear in the first edition) and a bonus disk with some neat video clips showing off each girl, and some footage of how the scenes for the game were shot. The videos play in Cinepak as well as on a Saturn VCD card (MPEG) if you have one. Incidentally, I got those videos to play in Windows Media Player by converting the .dat files to regular .mpg files. Hehehe...
I forgot to mention: the double-CD version of the game is called Wangan Dead Heat + Real Arrange.

Also, the in-game videos do not support a VCD card, only the bonus disc.