Wanted: Custom Death Tank Mod

Hi all, this may sound like a strange request, but here is what I would love for someone to help me out with. I'm looking for a custom Death Tank or Death Tank Zwei. My friends and I played the original DT many times and also DTZ. There are advantages from both that we like and both that we don't like, so ideally we want a custom version combining features. I know there's a stand-alone DT iso floating out there, and there may be a DTZ as well, so if this is possible here is what I would like. Either one is acceptable, I don't need both.

Death Tank:

A)Rolling Mines cost reduced to 125

B)Hover Coil cost reduced 125

C)An additional 12 points awarded after each round to all players (like DTZ's 10 points)

Death Tank Zwei:

A)Rolling Mines converted to original Death Tank version and price reduced to 125

B)Free 10 points per round are increased to 12 points

C)Time before the level begins flattening out increased by 100%

The main problem with my group of friends is our obsession with the rolling mines in the original Death Tank. We like to get rolling mines and hover coil and do bombing runs. Both the HC costs more in DT than DTZ, however. Also, DTZ RMs are different, as they fire in an arch like a normal shot. We don't want this. We like them being dropped like in DT. We also think the level flattens too quickly in DTZ, so twice as long would be nice (as it's not a bad feature).

If anyone is capable of doing this and providing me with a digital copy I would be in your debt.

I am prepared to offer paypal compensation. If this is against the forum's TOS I apologize and will remove it at a moderator's request. If interpreted as a contest, then this is not "selling pirated media" as prohibited. But I'll yield to an admin's request and remove this portion immediately if asked.

Here is what I want and am willing to pay to the first person too accomplish one of these in simple bin/cue or iso format:

1)Death Tank A) and B) = $6

2)Death Tank A) B) and C) = $10

3)Death Tank Zwei B) and C) = $5

4)Death Tank Zwei A) B) and C) = $11

To be clear, I'll only open up my wallet one time, so if someone only does request 3 then I'll only drop $5 once and won't pay for any others. But ideally options 2 or 4 are what I'm looking for.


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I couldn't get Death Tank Zwei to load in Yabause so here's how to change the cost of weapons in the original Death Tank (I will not be uploading a patch or ISO):

1) Open the ISO in your favorite hex editor.

2) At offset 0x2CB40 you'll see the following bytes:

00000019 00000032 00000032 00000064 00000032 00000032 0000000096 000000C8 000000FA 00000019 00000064 000000C8

These are the costs of the weapons stored in hex. The first value is Machine Gun (0x19 = 25), the last value is Hover Coil (0xc8 = 200), and so on. They match the order in the purchase screen.

3) To change the cost of the rolling mines from 150 to 125 change the 00000096 to 0000007D.

4) To change the cost of the rolling mines from 200 to 125 change the 000000C8 to 0000007D.

5) Save the ISO, burn to disk, and your done.

I've only tested in Yabause, and I've only tested that the values display correctly in the purchase screen.


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Thank you, slinga. PM me your paypal name and I'll send a $6 payment your way.

If anyone can figure out how to add the free points per round from DTZ into DT I will still throw $4 to that person. As stated, I'd prefer if it were 12 per round rather than 10, but either will work at this point.

I'd still be interested in any DTZ changes, though unless you can somehow import the DT version rolling mines I won't have any payout for a custom DTZ at this time.
$5 donated to Yabause!

I'm still hoping someone can help me out in one of the more difficult tasks (free money per round in DT or DT's Rolling Mines in DTZ).
Crisium said:
$5 donated to Yabause!

I'm still hoping someone can help me out in one of the more difficult tasks (free money per round in DT or DT's Rolling Mines in DTZ).

Hi, I havn't been able to make the mods you requested (and doubt I could at this stage), but I made new Death Tank zwei mod:

Official trailer:

Extended vid:

Basically just decreased weapon reload time, made all weapons 1 credit, and increased the amounts (jumpjets, rolling mines, etc). Quite fun to play around with, havn't played multiplayer yet. The plan would be to make a more sensible mod just to spice up the gameplay.