WANTED : Sega MD 1 Mega CD or a Backup Unit...

Hi does anyone have the following for sale at a resonable price in the UK :

Mega Drive 1 AV out cable

Sega Mega CD to work with my UK Mega Drive 1

or some sort of backup unit.

Dont know if you are allowed to sell them on here?

But they strictly for my own Carts I pulled out storage the other day.Some of them carts old and dying :(

Oh what fun this machine is again. :rolleyes:
Hi ;)

Nice to hear from a fellow uk Sega owner.

I live in The west midlands :hehehe: And collect Sega etc.

With regard to the av cable is it the one with 1 video and 1 sound output (phono plugs).

I do have a cable which plugs into the back of the megadrive using the eight pins of the av out,This then runs to a video and audio lead.

I can supply this to you if its the cable that you are after.

It does work as i have been using it on a modded Sega megadrive which runs at the correct speed(60hz) full screen.

If you play jap/uk games with the lead on a standard megadrive all will be in colour etc.

If you play jap/uk games on a modded megadrive the picture will be in black and white(only tv,s with correct refresh rate will run in colour). :sarcasm:

As for the Mega cd,Sorry i do not have anything,Although i hear emulators are pretty good(email me for more info please).

All the best from(rainy :puke: )UK.