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Dark Tip: Turn Your Cellphone Into a Game Boy

Play with Mario on your Nokia phone.

Turn your cellphone into a Game Boy

With email support, built-in media players, cameras, and PDAs, cellphones aren't just for talking anymore. Some have games, but the games are wimpy compared to the Game Boy and its library. On today's show, find out how you add support for Game Boy games to a cellphone.

To do this mod, you need the cellphone geeks everywhere prefer, the feature-packed Nokia 3650. It has Bluetooth connectivity, email, IrDA, streaming video, and more. You can also use the Nokia 7650.

Let's GoBoy it

1. Download GoBoy. GoBoy is a Game Boy emulator that emulates most Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs.

2. Use Bluetooth to transfer and install the GoBoy software to the phone. Follow your phone's manual to learn how to do the transfer.

3. Download games and transfer them to your phone.

4. Drag-and-drop the game files the phone's inbox. The games launch automatically.

Other phones

GoBoy supports only two phones. But that doesn't mean the Nokia 3650 and 7650 are the only phones with game support. To see if you can mod you phone for games, visit Mobjoy. Mobjoy has over 200 games for 13 different phones. If you phone suports MIDI polyphonic ringtones, Mobjoy has several dozen ringtones available.


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That's does sound cool. Maybe it is time for a new phone after all.

[edit] on second thoughts, maybe I'll wait. The 3650 is fugly and the 7650 doesn't seem to be available Down Under.