What brought you to the SX forums?

Originally posted by lordofduct@Jun 25, 2003 @ 06:50 PM

is this christmas nights game worth that stinking much, christ.

no but people here are cheap
Originally posted by lordofduct@Jun 25, 2003 @ 10:46 PM

how does that make them cheap if there over spending. thats not frugal thats flamboyant(?)

I assume you're talking about how much I paid for X-mas Nights. Yeah, I know it was a lot and a person could get it for a heckuvalot cheaper. Blame the bid wars. Went to sleep, and when I checked the next day, I had won, but it was WAAAAYYYY more than the last time I checked. I think it was $17 before I drifted off. I suppose my bigger idiocy was setting the maximum bid at $50. Being the person I am, I wasn't about to reneg on the deal. e-bay is da :devil . *Sigh* Oh well... Some people have done much worse. And I guess this is off the topic anyway.

*Exit, stage left..*
Last year I came across this site with the help of a friend who (like me) is a devoted sega fan, and I admit my expectations were low at first but man, this is one hell of a site. I mean there are some knowlegable people, and alot of true sega fans... man this site rocks.. keep up the great work guys


SEGA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this site while looking for some 1337 3y350'z and yeah this was when ftp info wa still posted on the site itself. So i got my fix of saturn games and then I stayed for the boards