What happened to rtype on the Megadrive


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What games do you think should have made it to the megadrive. :huh:

I can think of some that SHOULD HAVE MADE IT.

R-type--Where the hell was this game?Perfect for the machine,I am shure it would have been a superb convershion,Look at the thunderforce series of games and how good they where.?

We had Pc engine r-type,Super nes,Master system but the megadrive was left cold :damn:

Dragons breed,Another great title that could have graced the Megadrive.If anyone has got to the end of Strider for the megadrive there is a huge dragon type creature that Strider rides,Almost the same kind of thing that was in Dragons breed.We had an Amiga and atari st vershion but still no megadrive. :damn:

Another superb shootem up was Saint dragon,Awsome graphics and rock solid gameplay,Just right for the megadrive? :damn:

There must have been many games that could have made it.

No doubt rtype was a lost opurtunity and one Sega could have made video game history with. :argue


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Gradius 1-3 - the NES/FC ports were excellent efforts, but the NES simply doesn't have the hardware to do it justice. SNES could probably have pulled off a proper Gradius 3, but it was apparently rushed a bit.

Street Fighter Alpha/Zero

Varth: Operation Thunderstorm (not sure whether or not MD could properlu handle this one; it's a doozy)