Where to install switches?


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I have a UK/PAL original Megadrive 1 console and am planning to install both the language and the PAL/NTSC switches in it.

I was just wondering where abouts on the case should the switched be installed?

I can only see that they should go on the front/top in front of the power led light, or on the left side, but this would be position for the cut-out and size of the switch.

Where have people installed their switches?

Also, what sort of switch should I use. A ultra minature dolly switch or a minature rocker? Or any other. These are just the smallest I can get from Maplin here in the UK.

Please help me



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you can install the switches (if you do 2)to the left of the volume slider and the right of the power/reset switch.

I recommend using flipswitches, the kind with a metal rod to flip up/down.


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yeah, there isn't really many places to put them is there!

Could you possibly post a picture so I can see what it looks like.

and by the way (i know its the wrong forum, but..) how much are your Mega CD BIOS chips? What comes with the kit?

Thanks alot


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don't have any decent means to take pics right now.

the multibios is 39$ incl. shipping anywhere, comes with bios, socket, and 2 switches.

got none right now, will prolly order beginning of the month again.


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Yup, been meaning to ask that, was gonna put them above the megadrive logo on the other side. Also i will put the mega CD switches there for smartness and run a cable at the back. Arakon if you are about can you please post information about the operation of the multibios switches so i can work out the labelling?

Mike G

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I personally prefer to put the switches at the back of the console, so they're not visible from the front (and also so the top of the MD can be removed easily without having attached wires trailing down).

If you have a later model 1, the blank plate to the left of the RF output (where the EXT port would go on an older model) is as good a place as any. I think the ultra-miniature toggle switches from Maplin (FH98G etc.) are the best ones to use.

Here's a pic:

(Ignore the shitey rubdown lettering though, I'm sure you can do much better!



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Thanks for the pic, looks alright to me.

I didn't really want to put switches on the back cos its more awkward for access. You'd have to piock up the console and turn it round to set the switches (unless you can just stick your hand down the back and know which is which and know which positions they should be in the switch modes).

Even if the switches were on the front (by the volume and on/off switch) it would ruin the look of the megadrive, but easier to change modes.

I haven't decided what to do yet, won't mod it for a couple of weeks.

What about those mini slide switches from Maplin?

I just noticed them last night in the catalogue, they're small and black, should mess the megadrives looks too much compared with the other switches available.

Thanks for the replies.


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it's kinda difficult to attach those, tho.

and the flip switches usually don't ruin the looks much, gives it a nice black'n'chrome look
if you have any model shops (the type of places where they sell model cars/aircraft and such) near you look in there for the switches

i picked up some miniture switches in my local one for around £3 for 3