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Which do you prefer? Family Guy vs. The Simpsons

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Dud, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. Dud

    Dud Member

  2. schi0249

    schi0249 Mid Boss

    Simpsons all the way. Longest running cartoon. Though the most recent seasons haven't been as good as the early ones.
  3. Flakvin

    Flakvin New Member

    I've never seen Family Guy, so I gotta vote The Simpsons!

    If the vote had been between The Simpsons Vs Futurama... that would have been a tough one.
  4. axelblazeadam

    axelblazeadam Staff Member

    Dont watch Family Guy. Dont watch the Simpsons anymore either, apart from repeats. I stopped watching new episodes around season 12, as I just never found the new episodes funny. Plus the voice actors sound like they dont give a shit anymore, especially the voices of Lisa and Marge.
  5. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    Can I vote neither?
  6. Dud

    Dud Member

    Absolutely not, click Null Vote.
  7. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    I've only seen one episode of Family Guy, and I stopped watching Simpsons years ago. I used to watch it everyday though. So I guess I have to vote Simpsons.
  8. E Nice

    E Nice New Member

    Family Guy. I have both DVD sets. :banana
  9. it290

    it290 Member

    The Family Guy could not exist without The Simpsons, so therefore Simpsons it is.
  10. mal

    mal Member

    Me too I'm afraid.
  11. E Nice

    E Nice New Member

    You people who never watched Family Guy are missing out on some :smash :lol:
  12. Quadriflax

    Quadriflax New Member

    Sweet monkeys! Anyone here who hasn't seen Family Guy MUST go and watch it. I can't see how anyone who likes The Simpsons can't have even seen Family Guy. And, for those of you who don't know, it's coming back! New episodes will air starting next year either on Fox or Cartoon Network. It's a joint effort, so details on who would air what and when were sketchy. Everyone should catch up on the first three seasons and get ready for more!
  13. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    the family guy is really funny, but every once in a while they beat a joke to death. 2 examples from episodes that ive seen (and i havent see that many) are when stuey sings rocketman. hilarious at first, but drags on too long. then when the dad (cant remember the name) gets the car to compensate for his *cough* shortcomings, it gets a little excessive before he finally crashes it. Still, it is way funnier than almost any other show except the simpsons.
  14. Quadriflax

    Quadriflax New Member

    You realize that when Stewie performs Rocketman that it's a parody of William Shatner, yes? Because if you've ever seen that performance it makes it that much funnier. I can see why some people don't like that humor, but it is done on purpose. The creater, Seth MacFarlane, looks at it as something being funny, drawn out to a point where it stops being funny, then drawn out even longer to be funnier. And I think it works (ie: the battle Peter has with a giant chicken, or when he trips and skins his knee).

    But for the most part it's fast paced, non-stop zingers and obscure 80's references. I really think you need to watch more. Like any series, it has episodes that are better than others. Also keep in mind how horrible the first season or two of The Simpsons is compared to seasons 3-9.

    Then again, not everyone is like me, so... :lol:
  15. Dud

    Dud Member

    That's what I like about Family Guy is that every season, and just about every episode is hilarious. With the Simpsons the first few seasonw weren't too good, and the last few seasons have been pure garbage. I won't even watch the Simpsons anymore unless they are the reruns. The drawn-out humor in Family Guy is hysterical. When Quagmire fumbles around in his bathrobe for his keys to give to Lois, for nearly a minute being an example.
  16. mal

    mal Member

    AFAIK it's never been on free to air TV in Oz.

    It may have been on cable, but I've still never seen it. *shrug*
  17. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    I think we got one or two seasons, but they stopped showing it. It's a show best watched with friends and beer. :)
  18. mal

    mal Member

    Which channel was it on and when?
  19. axelblazeadam

    axelblazeadam Staff Member

    Family guy has only had a few seasons though, The Simpsons used to be hilarious every episode too.

    My opinion of the quality of Simpsons episode:

    Season 1 : Above average comedy, slow pace, full of too much moralising. Had to be this way otherwise it would never been OK'ed for broadcast.

    Season 2: Good comedy, storylines, popualrity allowed more risks to be taken

    Seasons 3-6: the golden years, consistently hilarious, with meaningful storylines

    Seasons 7-10: Still excellent quality in the main, with the odd dud episode, story ideas obviously running out.

    Season 11 onward: Awful most of the time. Only occasionally makes me laugh, storylines basically consist of seemingly random events used to provide a vehicle for poor jokes. Not worth watching, should be cancelled
  20. siamese

    siamese New Member

    the simpsons STILL rock!

    this show is the easiest way to understand USA

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