Which game would you say is the best one in history?

Which PC or videoconsole game can be considered the best game in history?

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

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  • Super Mario 64

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  • Goldeneye 007

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  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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  • Starcraft

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  • Counter Strike

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  • Metal Gear Solid

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  • Resident Evil 2

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  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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  • Gran Turismo

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  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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  • World of Warcraft

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  • Red Dead Redemption 2

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  • Bloodborne

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  • Windows 95 Minesweeper

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  • Grand Theft Auto V

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  • Zelda 64: Ocarina of time

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Hi Segaxtreamers,

I am trying to figure out which game might be the best one ever according to the wisdom of SX members. It can be from SEGA or any other company and for any plattform or PC. I made a selection of games but I havent played much in the last 15 years so I am missing all modern games. You can reply to this thread and I will add your suggestions. Maybe we discover amazing games we had never heard or tried before.

It would be nice if you base your answer according primarily to the subjective awesomeness of the game but also putting it in perspective, considering the year of release but also the impact on the game industry. They dont have to be retrogames at all. Choose freely.

Like I said I do not know many recent games but also never got interested in certain game types so I am definitely missing tons of wonderfull games. Forgive me. Hopefully you can help me to correct that.


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Hmm, that's a tough question. It looks like your current list is based on popularity rather then "best", which from my perspective, isn't the same thing.
Hey dibz, thanks for answering! Its quite tricky to choose the best game without going directly to one of the last versions of many of them. I would say these are among the most influential games ever and many of them among the best ever. To be honest, I am not the right person to create such a list because Im lacking the experience with pretty much everything what came after PS2 and with modern PC games. That is what I am trying to find out: Are modern games necessarily better than older games when it comes to pick up the best game ever?

If you take the Prince of Persia as example, you realise the original one had a huge influence on the game industry but is it better than the modern release of that game? Probably not. But if you put in a balance your experience with it and also the weight of that game for what came afterwards, what is better?

Please, feel free to give me a more accurate list. I am aware that many of those games wont be voted and that many people might even laugh about them. That is why I need answers. I can replace them for the real competitors for the best one ever. Its anyway for fun.
I really loved FF7, THPS 2, CS, Starcraft and GTA (great nostalgia from all of them), but I see no Grandia or Skies of Arcadia, so had to vote "Other", haha.

MSG was really good too, btw, but that game was just too stressful for me.
A nearly impossible question because "best" will depend on who you ask, and what era of gaming they're most familiar with, and what genre they prefer.

I've played nearly all of the games in your list extensively, but to be honest - I don't see anything there I really want to go back and experience again, even a lot of the sequels are just rehashing the same ideas (because they are good, and they will sell).

I did go through and play Grandia for the third time (on the Switch), which has some improvements over the 32 bit versions and was just as fun. Next I want to do it again, but with the translated Saturn version (first time was in Japanese on the original Saturn version, second time was on the PS1). The Switch version came with Grandia 2 - which to your other question, is the newest version always the best? definitely not. I could only take about 15 minutes of Grandia 2 before I really hated the protagonist/story and wanted to quit playing.. where the first one just drags you in immediately to love the characters and story.

I think I'm firmly in the "prefers older games" category - I can't stand the microtransactions, loot boxes, endless patches, 45 minute introductions/training (even Burning Rangers, which I hadn't played before until recently, bothered me). I just want to play the game, damnit! :)
Maybe I did it too complicated. Just name the game (only one) it comes to your mind when you think about the best one ever and I will add it to the list and then you can vote it. I thought I could replace the games on the list but I just can add more games. If you vote Other, we wont know which one you meant. My fault:clap:. But you can modify your answer.

Thank you guys for your answers. I know it is quite difficult to choose one and this is anyway just to have a rough idea about what different people here think. It is not an ultimate contest or anything.
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