Which to buy?


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What I plan to do, is save all my allowance from May, and then spend it all on one of the above. Hm... tough decision. Take all my allowance from May, add to my current money and I should have around $55 - $60. Hm...

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys. I already have a Model 2 Sega CD.
well since you already have the dc and the saturn and games for those are easy enough to come by, I'd suggest you buy a sega cd since it's just not a system that any sega fan should be with out.
I agree with Gallstaff on this one......altho not as powerful as the saturn/dc, it still has a great selction of games available....if your a true sega fan-boy, go find a cheap mega cd 1 on ebay!
Personally, buying another sega cd, even though it's the earlier model, is redundant. Buy a bunch of DC games. You can get a ton of new ones at Fye and Gamestop for next to nothing (I got PSO (the 2nd version)) for $10, new.
Hm... I've been wanting a Model 1 for quite a while (1 1/2 years), and I bough my Model 2, just so I could get my Sega/Mega CD fix. Hm... I'm leaning toward the Mega CD right now. But DC games are just so nice....
I'd say Dreamcast games, but that's only 'cos I've just got one.