Why we are a Sega Fans?

Why we are a sega Fans??

Hey SegaBoy!!!

My History with SEGA:

in my childhood my first home system was ATARI and later Nes... one day when i was playing my nes a friend says "Check out i have a new system a 16 bits system its called SEGA GENESIS" (and i think WHAT!!!! 16bits, nes only have 8) and i saw michel jackson and Strider Games........... well well to no make more longer the history i bought the snes (for the "street fighter II rush")

ok........ no big deal...but when i saw for first time the SEGA CD ... #### that was a super powerfull machine with capabilities to run movies and cartoons and a killer cd soundtrack, then i say "fuck Snes" i sell it and bought the Sega Genesis and The Sega CD V.2 all cost me a $330 + 3 games like $400 in total and i was the most happy boy in my town for at leas 2 years (except for the fuckin dragons lair's dirk, i took 3 months to climb the bridege in the first chapter of the game) ok, ok

Later when the N64 came out whit a stuning 3d graph i bought it .. my rush with the n64 was very short, at the 3 months i bought it i change it for my first "SEGA SATURN" ... (ok my histoy is boring borning boring)

Theory of why i'm a SegaFan.

Sega Alway was and be the "Ugly Duck" in question of home system's and for that not much people bought his hardware.

But Sega have a lot of games only for the system (SegaSaturn Example: Nights, Burning Rangers, Panzer Draoon Series, Dragon Force, Radiant Silvergun, etc)

Cuz Sega always have for me a masterpieces of rareties games.... ok ok psx and nintendo have a good games too that not have sega like: metal gear solid, final fantasy series, zelda but everybody have a psx and nintendo and you can play it with your firend, cousin, neighboor, or something else but not everybody have a Sega Saturn or Sega system whit your cool rarites games only for your system its like a selfish complex.

But the truth its that Sega Systems have a Great Games!, a really Great Games that i love.


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I used an MSX Computer in my childhood.

Later I see Genesis's Sonic 1 in my fiend's house.

This day my life changed :)

Sega made the best games for consoles and arcade!

The rest you know...

Today I have a Master System, Mega Drive, 32X and a DreamCast.

I don't have a Saturn but I play (with 8 people!) in my friend's house.
Back in the early days of the Genesis, I was young, about 6 or 7 and I had a Sega Master System. I always played it everyday, my favorite were the Alex Kidd games. They were really cool. My oldest brother, 7 years older than I am bought a Genesis and Sega CD from his best friend. Before that I had been by his house a few times and playing Sonic was really cool, but when my brother got it one game he was playing really brought me into video games. Lunar the Silver Star to this day is my favorite game of all time. My brother eventually got a Saturn, not at first when it was $300 brand new, and he gave my the Genesis and Sega CD, we got a 32X shortly after we got the Genesis and Sega CD, all the games were really cool. At that time I was hooked on Sega, the Playstation seemed cheap compared to the Saturn. Games like Panzer Dragoon, Virtua Fighter 2, Shining the Holy Ark, and all the other great ones really proved to me, that Sega made the best games. Then I got my Dreamcast on the 09.09.99 with four games. In all I have had about 70 DC games (I've gotten rid of the really crappy games like Deep Fighter). I will not get a Playstation 2 or Gamecube, but I'm considering get the Xbox just for Panzer Dragoon, Crazy Taxi 3, Jet Set Radio Future, and Gun Valkyrie.

I still play my Saturn and Genesis/Sega CD/32X and my Dreamcast everyday and I'm content with them. Sega will always be to me, the greatest video game creator and console creator.
I'm not a SEGA fanboy but I AM A SONY ANTI-FANBOY and I'm the maddest of all out there. I play videogames since 1984. Back then(1986) I remember me buying my first console. The Sega Master System Model 1. Playing Alex Kidd, Double Dragon, Shinobi and Golden Axe in my home was something unbelievable for me. 2 months after I bught the Nintendo Entertainment System for it's RPGs. Yeah great times then. After I bought a PC-Engine but it was such a difficult task to find games and unfortunatelly I abandoned that to early. Mega Drive was my next option with Sonic gaining a place in my library from the first day. MD was the system that introduce me into the world of Shining Force and that why I love the Sega Systems more than Nintendo's (no offence). I played Shining Force then Shining Force 2 and I was hoping for a 3 sequell but no. Sega didn't make one for it's 16-bit brawler. So I passed on SNES with the largest RPG library in the videogames world till today. Mystic Quest, Zelda 3, FF5, Chrono trigger, Ys 3,4i,4ii,5 Lodoss, BOF 1,2 are some of my top RPGs for the system(no not Super Mario Rpg... it tottaly sucks). 1995 was the year Saturn got in my life and believe it's still here. Virtua Fighter and Virtua Cop was the start. I have read in a magazine that Camelot and Soni team planning a third Shining Force... that's it Saturn became the console of my life with the fantastic overhead strategic turn based battles of the Shining Force 3 scenarios. Playstation???? Yeah I own one and I'll never use it. That damned machine with that pathetic games (1 good at 20 and 1 perfect in 100) is the... crappiest console I've spent my money on. Why? The first reason is above. Every 3rd party developer had tons of games to the "Oh-so-big" PSX library but how many are original revolutionary and enjoyable games? I can count them with my fingers. Any game wich get ported from one 32-bit system to other is better looking on Saturn. I remind some: Resident Evil(battle game, extra enemies), Exhumed & Duke Nukem(I don't even try to compare corridor shooters.Lobotoby just know how to work with SS), Grandia, Dracula-X, Lunar1,2. PSX has no trully RPGs to give to an RPG gamer, don't tell me FF games they are good MOVIES not games.Tons of FMVs... why??? 4 discs and about 30-40 hours of gameplay for the average RPG gamer while Shining Force 3 can do the same with only one of it's discs yeah 50 hours per CD (50 x 3= 150 in 3 discs) and no need of FMVs. Why FMVs are looking to good to you guys??? Isn't Shenmue the perfect example? The game has no Video sequence cause it's original instead of the PS2 whose best title till the 6 first months was "The Matrix" (God blesses Linage). No,no and NO Sony will never had the amount of quality the other companies have. And that's the reason I'll buy a GameCube or an Xbox except I decide to remain with my brand new GBA and it's Golden Sun.

I apologise for being rude in some sections of my post but you wanted to know why I like Sega! ;)
im not really much of a sega fan, more of a C64 dood..

but i got into sega, lets be more specific, sega cd.. back in the mid 90s i think.. Well, my freind always used to get the latest game systems and shit like that (you know those type of people).. Well he got a segacd and we used to spend all night playing it on a fuzzy ass tv because the rf adapter was fux0red or somthing.. but i was SOO into FMV, i thought it was THE most coolest ever, but then afterwards i just realized it was so-so.. But ever since those days, ive always wanted to relive the segacd days, and here, were given the oppertunity to play them on our computers, thnx to intelligent developers (stef, steve, quint).

that about sums it up for me.
I remember it well, I'd had an MSX and was happy with my Commodore 64. I was already a MASSIVE Sega fan, thanks to Wonder Boy, Space Harrier, Out Run etc. in the arcades. One day in 1986 my Dad came home from work with a mysterious package which turned out to be a Master System with Hang-On and Astro Warrior! He swapped it me for my C64 and the rest is history. I've been Sega mad ever since, simply because I believe Sega make the best games! Sony are nobody. I've got all post Master System Sega consoles except the 32X, which I intend to get, and it is my dream to own an SG-1000, an SC-3000 and a Mark III. Maybe one day...
Quote: from Torx on 12:26 pm on April 12, 2002 Well, my freind always used to get the latest game systems and shit like that (you know those type of people)..

:) LOL Torx.

Yeah I know a few of them... hehehe.
I started my console collection with my parents Atari 2600. They always were gamers themselves so they kept an eye on what what new. For my fifth birthday they bought me an NES. When I first saw the genesis I wanted it so very badly, but my parents saw it as a waste of money. I got a SNES when that was released, and by some twist of fate I recieved a Genesis model 1 from my grandmother the same year. She bought me many genesis games because she too was a gamer and knew how my parents felt about Sega. I saved my allowance and payed for Sega Channel and whatever was new for my beloved genesis. when I turned 13 the N64 was released and I longed for that, but in order to get it I had to lose one of my consoles. Seeing how my cousin wanted my genesis, she gave it to him. The following years I've gotten a Saturn, PSX, Dreamcast, and Gamecube but I've never liked any of my consoles as much as it. I guess that what makes me a Sega fan.

p.s. In recent years I've been rebuilding my Genesis collection from local pawn shops. Its so surprizing what some people will sell for a dollar.

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Hello Silender I want to apologize by be maniatic in other roms, is no time for explanations but I see your history on video games and want to tell you I have very similar experiences...

Well some day I will give my Video Game Way.

Have a nice day for all dudes!
Apology accepted Ifefer sorry for being rude with you I also apology for my behavior. And thanks for the site with Sega CD sales, I already checked it.

Thats ok, it JVC is the Wonder Mega Legend or not?

I got mi CDX a year ago and this is the most avanced machine ever created is smallest than PS-one even.

I only see the JVC on magazines and remember this about Wonder Mega.

Where are you from, England?
C64 - #### good games!

Sega...two words from start to end....Sonic 1

and Working Designs!

=p Grew up with it...

I mean its like NES....we ALL played the shit outta it...and how many of us HAD TO HAVE Mario 3?!
Sega rocks but man, why cant we all love all systems except X-Box? PS had some really good games. Tony Hawk started on it and i know you all love it. Time Splitters for PS2 is one of the best FPS games. DC has A LOT of GREAT fighting games and party games, but that is what Sega is for. Nintendo is for Frist Party games, Sega for party and fighting games, and PSX for all rest. X-Box is just for all the crappy left overs.
Quote: from Silender on 8:03 pm on April 12, 2002

England? No. I am from Greece and I believe that I'm the only Greek person in these forums :)

Who said that? ;)


Well....Sega is great.They should really make a console again.We see what we get without Sega:A PS2 in a position selling as much as hotdogs,the Gamecube beieng really boring with too many releases of older PS2 games (except VF Quest!That one will be good :) ) and Microsoft trying to get a piece of the pie...well what i hate most is that somehow the console tradition fades away...look at that:people staring at Halo saying its the best game they ever played...we got the Xbox really making console gaming to a PC that runs only games on a TV...####,where are the real Japanese games?The tradition?

You got Sony really controlling the market with the best games released these days,and with VF4 even as a Sega Fan you have to have one....since a new shinobi is heading to the PS2,well..you know.

I always had both sides,the PSX and the Saturn...i liked the Saturn for the great fighting games and the 2D Shooters (and for the shi shinobi den's :) ) and the PSX for its Ridge Racers,Tekkens and Final Fantasy's...

I have one thing in mind:Fanboys are bad in either way..most of the times a fanboy likes a game more if it runs on the console he likes....
You are totally right ShinJedah

Its maybe stupid but its now like something you can't leave. hheheh :)

it like a culture
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Quote: from Silender on 8:03 pm on April 12, 2002

England? No. I am from Greece and I believe that I'm the only Greek person in these forums :)

Who said that? ;)

Who said what? That I may be the only Greek around here? I said that! I may be wrong! Do you know some other members from Greece? ;)
My story is a tad different to yours. For a start, whilst I love Sega... Nintendo is the brand I'm most loyal to.

My first console ever was a clone Famicom, called a Golden China (or something equally absurd). They were all you could get here and I loved it.

I knew a guy who had a Master System and as impressed as I was with its graphics, none of the games he had interested me in the slightest.

Then the 16-bit Megadrive came out and I was anti it from the start. I hated the way this new fangled toy from Sega was destroying my happy little Famicom world. I can't remember how I got my first Megadrive, I can only assume I sold my "Golden China" and games and washed a million cars in order to get the money together. I was never happy with it, I didn't enjoy the games I could get for it (admittedly a relatively poor selection over here) and from reading British magazines, I was always aware of the system I REALLY wanted... the Super Nintendo. The games looked better, sounded cooler and the games the really interested me always seemed to be SNES exclusive.

I never did get a SNES (not until recently anyway) and the Megadrive started to get old. I eventually sold it and paid an ungodly amount of money for an import NTSC PSX with Tekken 1. It broke shortly there after.

Unable to get it repaired locally, I sold it, and then replaced it with a PAL PSX a while later. I was your typical Sony fanboy. I mocked anyone who have the "inferior" Saturn and laughed at "kids" games like NiGHTS.

I went to Switzerland in 1999 and finally owned my first Nintendo system.. the N64. It was my greatest dream come true. I loved it. During my brief stay in the Uk I amassed a decent collect on N64 titles and then returned home to South Africa.

That year my girlfriend of the time bought me a Saturn, which I'd seen in the bargin bin of Toy R Us a few weeks earlier, for Christmas.

I quickly found out that it was impossible to get new games for my Saturn locally and started to look for downloadable ones on the net... that is when I first discovered SX and that was when I truly began to discover Sega.

I have over the last 2 years, built up my collection of Sega stuff. I have a SMS model 2, a Genesis model 1, SegaCD model 2, a 32X, a Pal Saturn, a White Japanese Saturn, a Dreamcast and a Game Gear and a decent selection of games for them.

I have changed over my gaming "career". I think for the better. I learnt to love Sega and their consoles and games. I've also begun to see Sony as the evil empire that they are. However, one thing that has never changed is my love for Nintendo.

Sorry for the length and pointless-ness of this email.
Strangly enough my love for Sega didn't begin until I was in my late 20's...29 to be exact...9/9/99 to be even more presice. My friend who worked at Toy's R Us offered me a 50 percent off coupon for this new machine called a "Dreamcast." Well, that was a hell of a deal and if I didn't like it I could always sell it for profit. Needless to say I kept the machine...Hell it still connected to my HDTV which is always getting serious hardcore Sega lovin'!

As I played more and more, my admiration for Sega grew...they are the best. They make games that transend simple gameplay mechanics...they make "interactive entertainment." Their games (for the most part) have always offered something new in the way of gameplay and innovation and (of course) fun. Until I owned that machine I considered console gaming for kids.

Since then I've bought a Saturn, a Genesis with SCD and 32X, a powerbase converter, and a Game Gear and played most of the games that everyone here would consider "classic" for the respective system.

Stange how I never got into console gaming before...I owned the venerable NES, yet gave it away without a second thought. Never owned any Sony machines (probably never will) either, yet Sega held my attention to the point of true admiration. I wonder why? I'm sure it comes down to personal preference and the j'ai ne sais quo that Sega has that can create unique masterpieces such as Panzer Dragoon Saga or Shenmue...The kind of games you'll see other immitate but rarely create.

PS On a side note...I'm not sure but I think I got a custom moniker. If so, then all I've got to say is...
Not sure what it means, but I like it.