Windows 10 Search Bar Is Not Working!

Hello friends,

I am new in this forum and this is my first post here. I am encountering a serious problem in the Windows 10 search bar. When I try to type something on there, I cant. Can anyone suggest some ideas to fix it?
I found this post online where discussed using the command prompt. But friends I have never used this command before. Can anyone suggest some ideas about this? I am a little confused. Please help.


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Don't know what that command line does, but does the problem go away if you reboot your computer ? Cause all the other suggestions from your link involve restarting some processes.


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You can try the suggestions on that page. They may work or they may not.

Have you tried restoring your computer to a previously saved configuration? Does Run prompt still open? Try it, press windows key and R key together and it should open a text box. You can then enter 'rstrui' from there to launch System Restore and load a restore point if you have any.