Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

What's the latest available version of Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn? I know there was a conversion by vbt but that was several years ago and I don't know if there has been any development or improvement since then.

Would it be possible to make Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn work with advanced mods of Wolf4SDL like Macenstein 3D, which essentially turns the game into the superior Macintosh version?


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if wolf4sdl supports macenstein, it could be done. also some stuff from my saturn port should be improved.


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I've recompiled the game, now i'm trying to fix a bug people told me, it seems it was on the last boss. I've enabled god mode and level 22, so did issue happen here ? i can say it returns to the bios, or there is another bug ?


or it was this boss missing :

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