WOO HOOO Got a letter


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Today I recieved a letter from my Cable ISP, telling me that I violated the DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act; Mainly for my involvement on Direct Connect, they had me for three games, which I downloaded in the past, DDR max 2nd edition, DC ver. They had when I downloaded it, and file size the other two were World series baseball 2k2, and UFC both for DC.. They told me that a third party was involved in "reporting me" WTF. I was wondering if anyone on here had seen, or heard of anything similar, and what they did. Thank you. I am also working on scanning the doc's and posting them on here for those interested.
Dizamn. I wonder what they do to enforce something like that, I've never even heard of something like that before aside from all the kazaa riaa madness.
first mistake was clearly stating that you did something wrong. (remember you're always innocent till proven guilty my friend).

denial denial denial unless you are 100% screwed then beg for mercy


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is there DC for Mac?

You could always sell your PC, buy a mac and claim your machine can't run DC. They must be mistaken.

Like that old lady that got busted for Kazaa -- although she was probably telling the truth


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your right, I did nothing wrong...

secondly, what they threatened me with was stopping the service, meaning they told me that they would more or less, block direct connect. What I don't get is I have downloaded other things from DC, and they choose to single out these three titles?? whats up with that.... And I will deny any wrong doing, till the very end, thanks. and Fight the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:


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Sega, Konami, Capcom and Crave are all members of the Entertainment Software Association (old IDSA). The organisation fights piracy on the behalf of its members, for instance IDSA was the organisation that closed down most of the "abandonware" sites a few years ago.

In the worst case there is a lawsuit, but most people take the chance they're offered and stop with whatever they're doing.


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What I don't get is I have downloaded other things from DC, and they choose to single out these three titles?? whats up with that.

If this is a legitimate DMCA claim, the ISP is only relaying a complaint from the representative of one or more copyright holders. The ISP is not threatening you; AFAIK they are required by law to remove access to the files unless you send a counter-notice disputing the original claim (which is generally one of "The complaint doesn't follow the requirements set forth in the DMCA", "That file isn't what the complaint says it is", or "The complainant is not authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder". See Chilling Effects for more info, but don't expect to fight this without a lawyer.

edit: More specifically, you want the DMCA Safe Harbor Provisions information.

edit again: come to think of it, I think they are not strictly required to remove it, but they can be held liable for the infringement if they don't. So it may as well be required as far as they're concerned.


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same here, I was wondering the same thing... oh well, in the meantime, I am switching back to dsl, I never had trouble like this , so they are offering a promotion right now, I am gonna try dsl, going to the DC for a month, and see if DSL sells me out.
Sells you out for trading pirate DC games....interesting choice of words there. BTW I hope you weren't typing all these messages using said connection. You know it's not like they can't track what you're sending out and where or something.