Man, Cartoon Network is showing Evangelion! I don't know when this started, but it's on RIGHT NOW. This couldn't be more exciting, I used to hate anime, NGE is what changed my mind. Anyway, enough rambling, turn on your t.v.s!


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It's only two episodes though. Monday and Tuesday. They're not showing it in it's entirety. ADV owns the rights to Evangelion. I watched it, since I've wanted to see it more than any other anime. Gundam is my favorite, but I had been dying to see this for so long! Lockecole2 is copying the whole series + End of Evangelion + Eva-H, from the VCD cersion he has to a couple tapes I sent him. Sure it's subbed (damn...
) but I'll make an exception for once (since I've wanted to see this for so damn long). Looks good from the two episodes that CN is airing. Also, this is a one-time only thing.
Only 2 episodes, huh? <_<

Well what good is that?! Oh, well, my uncle has the whole series on DVD, we watch a few eps. every time I visit. Maybe we'll get it finished one day, then I won't care if it's on CN.
i saw it on cartoon network, and alls i goto say is, COMPLETE CRAP!!!!!! they edited the hell out of it. dont even bother watching it. i was very disapointed. your better off buying it like i did.
Originally posted by Cloud121@Feb 26, 2003 @ 12:52 AM

Sure it's subbed (damn...
) but I'll make an exception for once (since I've wanted to see this for so damn long).

trust me, the dub of evangelion sucks bigtime. i mean, shinji can get a little annoying in the subtitled version too, but in the dubs, all he does is whine ALL THE TIME!!! i'd never have watched the whole thing if i'd been watching the dubs. i'd probably rather have shot myself in the foot that listen to the dubbed shinjimoan and complain for 26 episodes...

of course, that's just my opinion. grin...
Actually, I found Asuka to be the greatest fault on the english dub. Dubs based on the english dub, however, tend to go far off. Latin channel Locomotion had provably the scariest Eva dub ever, up to the point of sillyness. ^^;

Hey, I've seen Eva on national television in '97. Being european sometimes pays off

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I hate Evangelion... I hate how people associate anime with NGE automatically... It really isn't that great... Maybe I just don't like Religious Mech shit. I don't know... There are just far better series out there than this.
I hate how people associate anime with NGE automatically

Let's not forget DBZ

But by and large EVA is substandard anime. Why? Because it's essentially nothing more than mecha combat. For the most part the characters were intrepid and unispired, with the exception of Shinji's obsessive hatred for Asuka. Anyone who's seen 'death' and 'rebirth' will recall both the hospital and post-apocalyptic scenes...interesting stuff, surely. Other than that, Shinji is more than just an anti-hero. He is loathsome. He is uninteresting. He has no redeeming features whatsoever...after all, a film's only as good as it's hero. Please don't debate the aforementioned statement - i'm well aware of it's inconsistencies but decided it was a good note to end on.

Jaded God is right - there is so much better quality anime out there, and yet this contrived series attains huge success. All i can reccomend is - watch anything by Miyazaki. He and Ghibli produce nothing short of magic. And the best part? Making people aware that anime are more than just cartoons - their art.


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I've seen three Miyazaki movies. Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Valley of The Wind Nausicaa. Nausicaa is the best anime movie I've ever seen! Totoro is funny as hell, and Mononoke is good, but not as good as Nausicaa.