WTS: Boxed Like-new Japan Saturn and Dreamcast Systems, Games, Accessories

Hello! I am looking to sell some Japanese Saturn and/or Dreamcast systems. I have a LOT of them of various revisions and versions (Gray, white, etc.) and different box versions for each system. The machines themselves are working and in like-new or very good condition, and will come with the usual AV hookups/power cables, controllers, and any combination of extra regular or 3D "NiGHTS style" analog controllers, or memory carts. I'm also willing to bundle Japanese Saturn or DC games, I accept requests and I'll see what I can find locally, but I can also just throw in a decent selection of popular titles I have around like NiGHTS, Xmas NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon I/II etc. to give you some things to enjoy right out of the box.

Asking prices will vary based on combinations of games/controllers and are negotiable. Asking price for a boxed JP saturn system $110 with accessories and a free game included, additional games/controllers/carts extra. I can also snag a Saturn NetLink modem if you're interested.

On the non-Sega related front I am also looking to sell a boxed Super Famicom with all its accessories in great condition. I'll bundle a boxed copy of Super Mario Kart in a like-new box with manual, Star Fox, and a boxed like-new Japanese Super Game Boy with a random GB cart.

Also looking to get rid of a Japanese Famicom HVC-001 with its hookups, FC carts, 2 3DO systems and games, Neo Geo CD games, and some boxed Japanese PSX/PSone systems.

I strongly prefer Paypal. I'm in Japan, but I'll be shipping from an APO box, so if you're in the US shipping should be substantially less.

You can contact me via PM but I strongly prefer e-mail (epicenter713@gmail.com) or AOL Instant messenger (epicenter713). Thank you for your interest. :)