Xenosaga Problems


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I was at the swapmeet today, and at a booth where they had a bunch of items that werre refurbished or returned, and I took the risk of buying xenosaga for 5 bucks. When i popped it into my ps2, I expected nothing at all, but to my luck, it worked.

But not for long.

After the 3rd cut scene (the first with kos-mos) it froze, and the laser unit began to click in the ps2, trying to read the disc i suppose. I cleaned the disc, and tried it again, but this time there was a constant whirl after the 3rd cutscene, but no advancement, still a black screen.

So i looked online and found that Xenosaga, a dual layer dvd, would have problems with older PS2s. But that wasn't the case for me, as it's a 50001, and was purchased around christmas time 2003.

Let me summarize: Xenosaga hangs after 3rd cutscene (the first with kos-mos), laser unit sounds like it's doing some heavy seeking, no error message, just a black screen.

I'd appreciate any answers or suggestions for my problem. Thanks.


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Try one of those things where you put the cd in it and crank the handle and it spins. Like cd doctors or whatever they are.