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32x in local market

Discussion in 'General' started by maidtina, May 9, 2002.

  1. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    Would you believe it! when i went to work thismorning i passed through the market and they had a 32X for 25 quid fully boxed! by lunch time it had gone. If i wasnt skint i would have bought it, they usually go for £60. i'm p'd off now.
  2. jastnorn

    jastnorn New Member

    yeah that musta sucked. kinda like when i went to Wal-Mart and saw a saturn new in box(box messed up a bit) for $40 like 2 years ago, i begged my mom to loan me the money for it and she did. but man, a 32X new in box.........damn........sucks to be you. shoulda asked if they could hold it or called a friend to pick it up for you.
  3. Zziggy00

    Zziggy00 New Member

    At an outdoor market where i live a guy was selling brand new boxed 32X's for $5 each.
  4. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    Well if you see any more ziggy then buy one and i'll send you some money to post it to the UK.

    Oh, this was a second hand one, the box still had its original price tag of £230 from HMV pon it, must have been bought when it was released!
  5. Falstaf

    Falstaf New Member

    I have a local game dealer/friend who will give me a 32x with all cables if I just take some games off his hands.
  6. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    Well, i have come to the conclusion that secondhand 32Xs are just overpriced over here. I'm right in thinking that these things dont have a region code right?

    I fancy my model 1 mega CD becoming a little taller in the future

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