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Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by slinga, Oct 7, 2001.

  1. slinga

    slinga Member

    Hey what's up everyone...I'm having problems burning in Win2000. I've tried both disc juggler, and cdrwin both aren't working. When I use cdrwin it burns and tests fines, but my computer and my saturn can't read the cd it produces. Discjuggler gives me a "buffer too big to handle error" message...I'm going to try nero but that doesn't let me burn in mix mode...any help would be appreciated, thx.
  2. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    you got a bad cdrwin crack. any bad key or crack will produce destroyed blanks.

    install ASPI 1.61, if you didn't yet.
  3. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    You can burn mixed mode with Nero, but it's no so explicit. You burn mixed mode just like the way you do with CDRWin or FireBurner; load the cue sheet and burn. To load the cue sheet in Nero:

    1. File --> Burn Image...

    2. Change File type to All Files (*.*)

    3. Locate and load the cue sheet

    Once the cue sheet has been loaded, the rest should be self-explanatory.
  4. gofamon

    gofamon New Member

    I get a weird problem when I try to burn cue/bin under nero. If its a single data track it works just dandy, but if it has anything else then I run into problems. It always say that any tracks after the First data track are the same size as the first Data track, so say I'm burning a CD and Track1 is data w/ 500MB, what happens is that any other audio track becomes 500MB also. Not a big problem cause I just use other software, but its still a little weird
  5. slinga

    slinga Member

    ...I still can't figure out what's wrong with my burner...I finally got Nero to get it burn an iso but that screwed up once 2...I then tried fireburner and that keeps on giving me hardware errors. I'm going to go back to Ezcd Pro 95...
  6. Despa

    Despa New Member

    I would suggest downloading ASPI 4.60 (can be obtained at doom9.net) and installing, then using Fireburner. I run win2k and fireburner works best for me. Hopefully the ASPI install will clear up any hardware errors you're receiving from fireburner, since it's a very simple program for a mixed burn.

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