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A Windows region converter program?

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by Fstuff, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. Fstuff

    Fstuff New Member

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a port like the satconv.exe for DOS that works in Windows ME. My system really has problems running things in a DOS window so any help would be welcome. Thanks
  2. koftheworld

    koftheworld New Member

    Don't try running the program in a dos window if that's the case, restart your comp. in dos mode. Also...you might want to check out your settings for satconv...have it run in a full window and with fast memory emulation on. If you have any problems still, post back.

  3. Fstuff

    Fstuff New Member

    The window just ain't gonna work, it displays the options then it's declared finished (maybe dos4exe would help, I'll give that a go). This is kind of embarassing after being brought up with DOS but I have no idea how to get there from Windows ME, you can't restart it in DOS. I think maybe you have to push a particular key whilst booting, I'm not sure.
  4. Gallstaff

    Gallstaff Member

    windows me requires the DOS back up disk to run dos. Just pop that sucker in the floppy drive, reeboot and yor in dos.
  5. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    No, what you have to do is drag the file you want to convert onto the satconv exe file. Just double clicking does nothing productive.
  6. Fstuff

    Fstuff New Member

    Yeah, I tried that with dos4gexe to see if it'd help and it said, 'not a valid iso' so I assumed that must be what you got to do. Cheers!
  7. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

    Start > Run > type command and hit enter.

    Up pops a dos window that doesn't close until you want it to.

    Set it to the proper directory and then run it from there.

    If you don't know DOS commands to set it to that directly, well, you're fsckd.
  8. Cynnamin

    Cynnamin New Member

    Don't listen to him. It's not a DOS backup disk. It's called a BOOT DISK that you should have made IF you installed WinME on your pc. If you didn't, you can create one, but YOU DONT REALLY NEED IT ANYWAYS if you see my previous post about working with DOS.

    I've never used SatConv so I don't know how the program works but if you ever need to use DOS for anything, that's how you do it, NOT booting completely into DOS. btw, its not really DOS anyways. It's short quite a few commands to be *true* DOS.
  9. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    there is a windows version which i downloaded a couple of weeks back, but havent tried at all

    i cant find the original address for it, but try

    ftp://scc:scc@ ill put it up there

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