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Discussion in 'Saturn' started by random, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. random

    random New Member

    I know that the carts' main functions are to supply cheats (why bother?) and to play import games, as well as provide 4meg backup, but do they play backup CD-Rs? I've got a 20-pin saturn and I'm just concerned that I'll stuff the drive with the swap trick. So, does this cart (or any other) play backups?
  2. Hatecrime69

    Hatecrime69 New Member

    no, they don't. you need to still do a swap trick with one of them in
  3. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    I think I'll just get a 21 pin board and all the fixins just in case I come across a cheap Model 2 Saturn. I emailed VideogameCompany.com about their alleged 20/21 pin board, and they never replied, so I'm thinking it's a bust.
  4. Ringwraith

    Ringwraith New Member

    The saturn motor is "resistance sensitive", meaning it stops when you swap disks. This keeps it from burning out. Notice during swap how it'll come to a stop while you change disks? A playststaion won't do that. The chip is a nice luxury, but not absolutely necessary.
  5. Raijin Z

    Raijin Z New Member

    A Saturn is no more necessary than a mod board. Not like I LIKE swapping discs, but the games have a better chance of booting if you give the copied game a boost spin after you lock it in place. Just don't spin it backward. This of course is step 3b....
  6. Falstaf

    Falstaf New Member

    Maybe it would be a good idea to start a faq forum here! Oh yeah.....they already do. it's called the misc. section!:)
  7. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    fyi consoleking are worng on the modboards, they are 21 pin only

    they are also the same boards as lik sang sell
  8. random

    random New Member

    Peace falstaff, I read everything on the misc section before asking my question :)

    In regards to giving the CD's a boost spin - it was something I was doing when I spent an hour trying to get my first CD-R going. It took me that long to realise that the problem was simply that I'd forgotten to SatConv it! (what a wanker). But the practise must have done me good, because it starts every time now even without a boost spin.

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