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Any ideas to fix this problem? (Modchip related)

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by psunami, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. psunami

    psunami New Member

    After installing my modchip, my Saturn drive doesn't spin up any more.

    I put the cover back on the unit and no go.

    I took the modchip out, and still, no go on getting the drive to spin up.

    It is a 21 pin mod, going into a system with the blue wire going to the 64 pin chip.


  2. Mike G

    Mike G New Member

    Have a look at the 64-pin chip under a magnifying glass.

    Those pins are *very* close together - my best guess is that you've managed to solder two pins together when connecting the clock wire...

  3. ImageFXN

    ImageFXN New Member

    My saturn is modded as well, if you find that the blue wire is soldered correctly and the drive still isn't spinning, its more than likely to be that the power cord isn't in properly. My red power wire is just attached with electrical tape in my sat so sometimes if I accidently kick it, it (red cord) pops out and my system stops spinning.
  4. psunami

    psunami New Member

    It does look like there are a few pins that have some solder on them holding them together.

    Any ideas on how to remove that solder, without damaging anything?

  5. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    if you are unlucky, you already did cause damage.

    get desoldering braid and try to remove it with that.

    good luck.. you'll need it.
  6. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    For the 100000th time, its a Mod Board, not a mod chip. Why the #### is a whole circut board a chip to everyone!?!?!?
  7. Falstaf

    Falstaf New Member

    errrrrrrr!? Decaf anyone?

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