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Arp problems...

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Twillinx, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. Twillinx

    Twillinx New Member

    A while ago I got an Action Replay Plus for my Sega Saturn. And I've got some problems with it.

    1. If I'm in either the ARP's memory maneger(sp?) or editing a cheat and happen to just touch the controller it freezes and the next time I boot up the system the ARP can't be found. That haven't happen now in a while so I can live with that.

    2. The games I play never finds the action replay... I can't save to the cartridge directly from the game. I've tried both Shinning Force III and Dracula X wich both has the option of saving to the Ram Card, but none can be found. So now, before I boot a game I have to move those saves that aren't useful in the game I'm about to play to leave space for another one... If I'm playing SFIII and Dracula X or some other games that makes huge savefiles I have to go trough this...

    3. And "Remove the cartridge", that has just appered in one game, Panzer Dragoon Saga, I've got the ntsc-version and a european Saturn so I need the ARP's converter. So I can't even play that game.

    Anyone else got cartridge and DON'T have this problem..? ???
  2. Arakon

    Arakon New Member

    the ram is backup ram, not saveram. you can't save directly to it.

    PDS gives you that message, and is the only "cart protected" game I know of. you can try ripping out the cart after the game boots, if you do it at the right time it'll work.

    that might result in 1. happening again, tho.
  3. Twillinx

    Twillinx New Member

    Okay, at least nothing's wrong with the cartridge then.

    Why the [​IMG] did they make a cart-protection. Hmm, naah I rather use that country code program and reburn the first PDS disc. I'm in no hurry. But thanks anyway, now I know [​IMG]
  4. mal

    mal Member

    Surely that's not a good long term solution for either the cart or the Saturn.
  5. Arakon

    Arakon New Member


    that's why I said it's likely to bring back point #1.

    the idea of the cart protection is prolly to prevent cheating.

    a st-key cart will work for import playing even with PDS, btw.
  6. Twillinx

    Twillinx New Member

    I know neither you nor anyone else here is responsible for that but I need to let out my frustration somehow.

    If people cheat in their games it's there own beeping problem!!! Why do the game developers care? Ok, now I'm cool again...

    Yep, probably a good advice for people who hasn't already got a cartridge. [​IMG]

    I ain't planning on collecting those though. And owning just the St-Key I wouldn't be able to play any of the games that require the 1mb or 4mb memory upgrade. Unless I change cartridge depending on what game I wanna play. And have the St-Key just to play PDS, maybe print my own label to replace the one on the St-key with "PDS-Cartridge"... naaaaah! [​IMG]

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