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Burning Problems

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Stregano, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    ok, i have been burning games for years now, and i have never had any problems before with burning games at 8x, but i got a bunch of games that are so tricky and pissing me off, and im not sure what the problem is. like for example, for megaman x3 (the us version), to get this to work, i had to use my pro action replay, swap technique (duh), and had to swap out the pro action replay for my 4 mb ram cart. this is the us version, so what gives? i got mortal kombat 2, and after the intro screens (where they say who helped make the game), it stops in the horrid black abyss. i had this same problem with d&d collection when i burnt that. can any soffisticated people out there help me out?
  2. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    sorry, i forgot to mention that i only have this problem when burning from iso/mp3. i do convert the mp3 files to wav though.
  3. Weezer

    Weezer New Member

    Erm, try burning at a lower speed, I guess.. or maybe get high quality CDR's...

    BTW.. since when did they bring X3 to the US for saturn?
  4. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    there is a euro megaman x3 around on some of the ftps/fservs, so its possibly that

    you shouldnt need to use the par for it though, try patching the iso first instead
  5. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    hmm, maybe thats why i had to do all of that. i have an original of x4, so i figured that an english version of x3 would be us. maybe thats why i had so much trouble. i got another question now too, i used satconv for some jap games that require a 4mb ram cart (samurai showdown 4, final fight revenge), and every once in awhile some of the sprites look all messed up or some of the polygons look all messed up. it got kinda hard to play the end guy of ss4 when it was a big scrambled block. any suggestions on that?
  6. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    1 last thing, why would mortal kombat 2 do what it does, it runs on the beggining where it shows the companies that made it, and than it just goes to a black screen, why would it do that?
  7. megametalgreymon

    megametalgreymon New Member

    probabbly a bad swap or rip
  8. mal

    mal Member

    With the messed up sprites in Samurai Showdown 4, I believe that's an issue with all 3rd party carts.

    I'm not sure about Final Fight Revenge though.

    I don't think there is anything you can do.
  9. Stregano

    Stregano New Member

    heres the funny thing, i actually have a jap sega brand 4mb cart
  10. mal

    mal Member

    You're right, that is a funny thing.

    I've not heard of graphical corruption with Sega carts.

    BTW, you're not hot swapping carts are you? That's BAD news for your saturn.

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