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Can I play

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by halo1313, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. halo1313

    halo1313 New Member

    I'm a newbie jackass as you can see. This is I'm sure a stupid question that you have answered many times. I searched but didn't see this one so here goes. I have a japanese skeleton saturn w/ a Saturn Action Replay 4M plus. Can I play back-ups? Do I need to do the swap trick? I also have a us saturn. Would it be in my best interest to mod this saturn so I don't have to do the swap trick. The swap sounds messy and I would rather not take a risk of screwing up my machine. Again, I'm sorry if I am wasting anyones time. Thank you for any help you can give to me.
  2. SegaSaturnDDR

    SegaSaturnDDR New Member

    you can do the swap trick without any hardware, but if the software is of a different region than what you have, it wont work, so you need to use satconv to make it the proper region, or use a cart. you best bet is to get a mod, http://www.lik-sang.com has them, but only for a 21 pin system
  3. Mike G

    Mike G New Member

    I would add a mod board to the US Saturn. I would also fit a region mod to it (i.e. a switch) so you can play Japanese games on it - saves wear and tear on your "r@rE" Skeleton unit ;)


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