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CD32/Amiga mouse capabilities

Discussion in 'Retro Video Games' started by IceDigger, May 25, 2001.

  1. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    quick question...i want to get a mouse for my CD32 and just wanted to make sure that the amiga mice are compatible with the unit and if there are any that might not be.

  2. KiT

    KiT New Member

    AFAIK all Amiga compatible mice (mouses?) are also CD32 compatible.
  3. Terunaga

    Terunaga New Member

    And, therefore, all MSX and Genesis/Megadrive compatable mice are CD-32 compatable.
  4. KiT

    KiT New Member

    The CD32 was basically a CD equipped Amiga 1200 with the addition of a custom chip, the Akiko, for the so-called "chunky-to-planar" graphics conversion process and to act as the CD controller. I don't see why it wouldn't accept a common Amiga mouse, since the mouse port is also the same.

    Being that the CD32 is a console, I'd exclude any light pen/graphics tablet/funky accessory which would require additional drivers. But a mouse would just plug in and play, wouldn't it?

    Dunno, am I missing the point here?

  5. corpse

    corpse New Member

    Get urself the offical black amiga mouse , its the most likely to work and if it don't it looks cool neways [​IMG]

  6. segasonic

    segasonic New Member

    Any standard Amiga mouse will definitely work on the CD32 [​IMG]
  7. mikeosoft

    mikeosoft New Member

    when i was big with this console (back in the day) i used to write the FAQS on the system, i would explore what the cd 32 could do... well, the mouse is available, and can be used, and is used inorder to do a software mod.  Inother words, by plugging the mouse into the second controller port and holding down i think it was both buttons during boot-up w/o a game the menu comes on and the system can now be manipulated to  boot in PAL and/or NTSC via graphical menus.   [​IMG]

    life was fun back then..............
  8. Jaycee

    Jaycee New Member

    Yeah i remember doing that to load to old Amiga 500 games via the disk drive that needed to boot that way...
  9. RuRUiNa

    RuRUiNa New Member

    To reiterate, any amiga mouse will work on the cd32 and will also let you get access to the boot menu. My recommendation is the Wizard 560dpi optical. It comes in white or black, its small, 3 button, and smooth.

    However, genny/md/etc mice use a different wiring. I was unable to get these mice running on any amiga I ever owned. The genny/md/atari2600/c64/etc joysticks will work on amiga tho. If they have any LED's on them, the controller will need to be in joyport 1 tho in order to work.

  10. Magne-

    Magne- New Member

    is it possible to use a standard COM mouse, or a PS/2 mouse ? i got CD32, bur have only used a cool game control.. :devil
  11. it290

    it290 Member

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