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Does Drew Carey Have a Sega Saturn?

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by morey, Nov 7, 2001.

  1. morey

    morey New Member

    I was watching some Drew Carey on Syndication tonight, and noticed that Drew Carey has a Sega Saturn on top of his VCR. Does anyone know if it's a model one or model two? ;)
  2. herrgafgarion

    herrgafgarion New Member

    they play a saturn in dead man on campus...that movie is funny too
  3. Grifter

    Grifter New Member

    The Saturn on the Drew Carrey Show is definately a Model 2, I can't see the shiny black covering over the front of the system where the power and data access lights are suppose to be. So I'm positive it's a model 2, plus I'm sure the people who made the show could careless what gaming system they got or the model it is, as long as it was easily avaliable - which the model 2 was at the time the show first aired. There was a Dreamcast on the show once when it barely came out, but supposely Drew Carrey liked playing it so much, he took the DC home with him and they replaced it back with the Saturn system. Not sure if that's true though

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  4. Quadriflax

    Quadriflax New Member

    I noticed that quite a while ago too. There was also a stack of games next to it. I wonder what they are. Maybe there's a mint copy of SF3 or PDS there. Hmm.

    Also in an episode of "Malcolm In The Middle," where Malcolm stays the night at his friend Stevie's house, they were playing "Sonic R."
  5. TwinD

    TwinD New Member

    Heh actually, if he's talking about the same episode i saw last night on TV, it was from an episode that aired on November 6, 2000, or somewhere around then, around 5 years after drew carey started, sounds like they are good ol sega fans ;)
  6. Dyne

    Dyne New Member

    i saw that episode also last night and they asked him if he was palying "sega" instead of going to work.

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