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Donkey Kong Country

Discussion in 'Nintendo Music' started by IceDigger, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member


    Format - MQ AAC
    Size - 23.1MB
    Total Tracks - 26

    Track Names:
    Opening Fanfare
    Title Screen Page
    The Map Page
    Jungle Level
    05-The Caves
    Water Music
    Well Done, Complete Level
    Cranky Kong Page
    Moving Platforms
    The Cart Level
    The Mine Level
    The Temple
    Lose a Life
    Funky Kong Page
    Forest Level
    The Ewok Level
    Bonus Level
    Lose in the Bonus Room
    Candy Kong Page
    The Snow Level
    The Ice Cove
    The Warehouse Level
    End of Level Baddie
    End of Game Music
    The Pirate Ship

    Download this Soundtrack: Mirror
  2. mishioshu

    mishioshu New Member

    this doesn't work as well wtf is going on here >.<
  3. Ian Van Dahl

    Ian Van Dahl New Member

    I agree. There's something wrong with his mirror.
  4. GFStephano

    GFStephano New Member

    Can't download it too! ... im going on vacation tomorrow.. plz a fast reply
  5. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    Works fine here and on another computer.
  6. Axess

    Axess New Member

    you need to make sure you have winrar in order for it to work
  7. qqwref

    qqwref New Member

    It's sort of confusing that you have to left-click and go to a new site and all, but the music's great.

    Remember, 20 archived mp3s shouldn't be 5 KB. :p
  8. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    This soundtrack is back with some changes(100Mo)

    Download here

    Donkey Kong Country - 01 - Opening Fanfare
    Donkey Kong Country - 02 - Theme
    Donkey Kong Country - 03 - Simian Segue
    Donkey Kong Country - 04 - DK Island Swing
    Donkey Kong Country - 05 - Cranky's Theme
    Donkey Kong Country - 06 - Jungle Groove
    Donkey Kong Country - 07 - Cave Dweller Concert
    Donkey Kong Country - 08 - Bonus Room Blitz
    Donkey Kong Country - 09 - Aquatic Ambiance
    Donkey Kong Country - 10 - Candy's Love Song
    Donkey Kong Country - 11 - Bad Boss Boogie
    Donkey Kong Country - 12 - Mine Cart Madness
    Donkey Kong Country - 13 - Life in the Mines
    Donkey Kong Country - 14 - Voices of the Temple
    Donkey Kong Country - 15 - Forest Frenzy
    Donkey Kong Country - 16 - Treetop Rock
    Donkey Kong Country - 17 - Funky's Fugue
    Donkey Kong Country - 18 - Misty Menace
    Donkey Kong Country - 19 - Northern Hemispheres
    Donkey Kong Country - 20 - Ice Cave Chant
    Donkey Kong Country - 21 - Fear Factory
    Donkey Kong Country - 22 - Gang-Plank Galleon
    Donkey Kong Country - 23 - K. Rool's Cacophony
    Donkey Kong Country - 24 - The Credits Concerto
    Donkey Kong Country - 25 - Well Done, Complete Level
    Donkey Kong Country - 26 - Lose a Life
    Donkey Kong Country - 27 - Lose in the Bonus Level
    Donkey Kong Country - 28 - Win in the Bonus Level
  9. mrloadee

    mrloadee New Member

    I've come back plenty of times and this mirror does not work. Even if you try opening it in new window. Please somebody think of the children.
  10. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    Maybe the mirror doesn't work but the ne link to my host works :

    Download here
  11. mrloadee

    mrloadee New Member

    this link does not work, period, end of story. WHY NOBODY FIXES IT?

  12. DrPikachu

    DrPikachu New Member

    With vbt's mirror, tracks 18, 19, and 20 aren't what they should be. Instead, they're repeats of tracks 12, 14, and 16 respectively.
  13. davm85

    davm85 New Member

    great mirror vbt! i especially enjoy these olds tunes...songs aren't so cool in nowadays games. ;)
  14. nominal

    nominal New Member

    is it just me or does the music from the GBA DK sound different from the original. Same tune and melody, but it is different.
  15. The CronoLink

    The CronoLink New Member

    Well, some sound quality has to be sacrificed in order to port a SNES game to the GBA

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