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Discussion in 'General' started by IceDigger, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    Anybody have any clue how to get into this thing if your not an employee of some huge gaming magazine?
  2. Ratamahatta

    Ratamahatta Member

    You could always beat someone down and steal their clothing.

    Doesnt the E3 have public viewing days or is that the Ces?
  3. Silender

    Silender New Member

    ?!? I also thought that E3 had public viewing days.
  4. ExCyber

    ExCyber Staff Member

    Ice, I think you might qualify for free floor-only (i.e. no seminars and stuff) tickets as a game retailer. Not sure, though.
  5. maidtina

    maidtina New Member

    You could always promote yourself as the cheif editor of Sega Xtreme - a successful online E-zine :)
  6. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    I'll bring my trusty lead pipe with me :)
  7. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    Ok, read the news for the info.

    We might just get lucky!
  8. Hollywood Hasney

    Hollywood Hasney New Member

    I know someone who went to E3 2000, he was a shop asssistant at EB, he rang them up, told them he was a manager, faxed his pay-slip to prove he was an EB employee and bam, there he was with a pass :)

    But it was only the one floor stuff, try out the games etc..... which is better than nothing...

    I was gonna go with him but couldn't afford air fare from England at the time :(

    EDIT: BUT, if you're in England, ECTS (Europes version of E3) will be open to the public this year :D

    (Edited by Hollywood Hasney at 7:39 pm on April 11, 2002)
  9. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    If we were home we could get you in. But point of fact we ARENT home.....My sis and I have some connections. Youd see us mostly at anime conventions holding the special "Dealers Pass" ;)
  10. Silender

    Silender New Member

    Yeah. In England. But I'm in Greece #### !@#$%$%^&*(

    (Edited by Silender at 1:57 pm on April 12, 2002)

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