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EZ CD PRO/CDRWIN help plz!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by ddp6678, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. ddp6678

    ddp6678 New Member

    Sorry to bother this board again but I am literally going nuts. For the last week, I have been trying to burn an ISO from Ralos's FTP(which is pretty kick-ass), Rockman 8. Now, I have been helped numerous times by mal, but somethings this person didnt know so I'm starting from stratch. I will tell you guys step by step what I did and plz assist me in any way or suggestion, for when this is over, I wish to make numerous donations to the FTPs:

    if requested

    Saturn Sega CD

    Virtua Fighter Sonic

    Virtua Fighter Remix Ecco

    Virtua Fighter II Sega Arcade 5-1

    Wing Arms Mortal Kombat

    Simcity 2000 Lethal Enforcers 2

    Herc Adventure ESPN Hockey Tonight

    marvel Superheroes Skullkeep

    Rockman X3 Dracula/Frankenstein

    House of the Dead C+C Music Factory

    WWF in the House ....and many more

    X-Men VS StreetFighter


    Area 51


    Sega Rally/Virtual On(netlink editions)

    Browser 3.0

    Megaman 8

    This is the deal:

    I got a Model 2 Saturn. I use the swap trick(the one that goes into CD player, then resets) ,I use a Buslink-Brand Burner. I am using Memorex 80-Cds for media, and either CDRWIN or EZ CD PRO 95

    I d/l Rockman 8 on the server, used WINRAR to open, and took out Rockman8.bin and Rockman8.cue(below)


    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

    INDEX 01 00:00:00


    PREGAP 00:02:00

    INDEX 01 27:57:58


    INDEX 00 29:48:32

    INDEX 01 29:50:32

    According to the FAQS in the Misc Section, I changed the Cue a bit so it could match an ISO instead of a BIN(was I even suppose to? PlZ, show the correct way!) now, following the advice on the board, I tried to load the cue into CDRWIN;it works but the burning freezes with an error and yes, my APSI drivers are updated(to 4.60 I believe). So, I went with EZ CD. Okay, since Rockman 8 only came with a .bin and .cue no mp3s, I first used RAW2ISO to turn Rockman.bin to Rockman.iso.(like the FAQ said), then, mal on the other topic, replied to extract the music files needed from the .cue using CDMAGE. out came 3 files,

    Rockman 8-track1.iso

    Rockman 8-track2.wav


    Now, I was confused. Sure, I put the 2 wav files into the audio section of Mixed Mode CD from image. But now I got 2 isos; 1 is the converted .bin and the other this track1.iso from CDMAGE. Mal suggested using the track one. Ok, EZ recognizes the group as ROCK_MAN_8. I put no test, and close the disc. 15-20 later, I have a disc and my CPU recognizes it perfectly. now, keep in mind, I have Rockman X3, burned from a real import. I use the swap to play that perfectly, without using SATCONV, so I figured Rockman 8 probably wouldnt need it as well. I stick in Rockman8 and let it stop in the CD player mode. Now, I use my real copy of Wing Arms as a bootdisc, usually, after resetting with a real copy the disk spins, slows and when it hits fast speed, I make the switch, but this time, after resetting it(Wing Arms) spun faster and faster, without slowing down a bit. This eventually lead to the CD player which displayed the message,

    "Disc not suituable for system"

    Now, plz Iam running out of discs, plus theres like 10 more games I want from Ralos, can anyone help PLZ! Any and All suggestions are welcomed. (Plz, no smartass comments; I really dont need nor deserve that)

    Thanx in advance
  2. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member

    "Disc unsuituable for system" means the ISO and burn was good but the swap trick was unsuccessful, or that the ISO and/or burn was not good (i.e., bad burn or not a valid Saturn game). Since you claim that the ISO and/or burn was good, it points to an unsuccessful swap. Unsuccessful swap could mean your timing was off, or perhaps this game requires extra swaps (i.e., multiple copy protection checks during boot up).

    Since I have not burned this game and tried it using the swap trick, I cannot confirm how many swaps required to get it to work. Perhaps someone else who has burned this game and did the swap successfully can confirm the swap technique used or if multiple swaps are required.
  3. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    no multiple swaps needed, i just tested using my own burn, and i swap the same way you do.

    i would say to get rid of the raw2iso iso you got, since the bin contains audio in it, and thus would make the iso incorrect. try binchunker to convert the bin to iso/wav and check it in satconv (though im sure thats not the source of your problems) just to make sure.
  4. ddp6678

    ddp6678 New Member

    lockecole2, thanx for the help, I know u got a copy of Rockman 8, but I got it from Ralos's FTP. A question, though, the files I got from BinChuncker, were almost the same as the ones I got from CDMage(except for the 3rd WAV file)

    Here;'s what I need, if you can, Lockecole2, can you tell me step-by-step, what options you picked/settings/etc. For EZ CD Pro Maker or CDRWIN?

    Thanks again
  5. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    afraid i can't help you there, as i'm using a mac, not a pc to burn games. i think in EZ CD you'd choose "mixed mode from image" to burn saturn, then arrange the audio tracks in order after selecting the disc image.

    did you try fireburner? i heard that works wonders and is quite simple to use (visual cue, is it?)

    [edit]fixed spelling . . .[/edit]

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  6. mal

    mal Member

    Save yourself a lot of heart ache and buy a modboard.

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