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Giri giri

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by gory_chow, May 6, 2002.

  1. gory_chow

    gory_chow New Member

    is giri giri the only non DOS saturn emulator?

    i ask because its soo slow. i can run nightmare (DC emulator)

    just fine on a p450. i am also running WINxp, so no dos
  2. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    You can run nightmare? :woah: You must have super-duper special friends powers!

    damn foo'
  3. Mysticales

    Mysticales New Member

    HUH Nightmare was a joke! How the hell you got that running. Please list that one!
  4. gory_chow

    gory_chow New Member

    i got PSO to run, the only DC r*p that i have, dun remember why or how. thats not the issue. is there a win32 emulator for the saturn or not?
  5. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    You did not get PSO to run. Nightmare was a fake or a virus or both.

    As for saturn emulators, all working ones are win32 versions, but none are fast enough to worry about. Don't even waste your time with a p450.
  6. procon

    procon New Member

    If you had any programming knowledge, than u would have seen that this emu doenst do anything, so please SHUT UP!


    Next time B-REAL!

    Oh by the way: tried Satourne? (yes its slow, but it works)
  7. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Programming knowledge has little to do with understanding if a particular emulator works or not, and until you brought it up, this topic had finished.

    Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious... [​IMG]
  8. Silender

    Silender New Member

    For Saturn emulation give a try on SSF 0.06 Alpha. It's available here along with the compatible games (It's fake I've run almost 4 times the number).
  9. mal

    mal Member

    I wouldn't call it fake, I'd just say the compatability list is a bit out of date. Mind you it does have 105 entries.

    Silender, if you've run 4 time that many, have you submitted any compatablity info for Alex to put up?
  10. Silender

    Silender New Member

    Yes out of date is better description.

    Mal I can't find his e-mail, do you have it? I've tested about 54 non-listed Saturn games on SSF 0.06 Alpha.
  11. Silender

    Silender New Member

    Hey thanks [​IMG] I'll mail him tonight.
  12. kyosuke75

    kyosuke75 New Member

    Yeah nightmare is a fake...when it first came out i tried it out and i was so excited...but nope...fake fake fake [​IMG]

    There is someone working on a real dc emu...but i'm sure its going to take some time before any game will work...

    Just buy a darn dc.... cheaper than buying some high end vid card...

  13. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    Yeah Dreamcast rocks no matter what anybody says.

    Great game library. For $50-$60 with no modding required and lots of emulators/homebrew stuff, you can't beat it.

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