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Groove on fight

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by sayguh, May 10, 2002.

  1. sayguh

    sayguh New Member

    Does it take about 4 seconds in the fight for the music to start? Or is my copy messed up and i need to make a new cue sheet or something?
  2. Forget about messing with the cue file. it works. Leave it.

    You can however remove the silences from the wav files.

    They probably have a 2 second silence at the beginning. (very annoying I know)

    the cue file probably has 2 sec. + 2 sec from wav = 4 sec.

    Good luck, how is it?

    I don't have the RAM expansion neede for it! ???
  3. CHE

    CHE Ban Hammered

    Wow ! I think this game is pure shit... :/
  4. Ape

    Ape New Member

    Yeah I don't like this game very much either. Not worth the effort of fixing the wav's.
  5. Blitz kun

    Blitz kun New Member

    I actually paid for the original of this game. I am deeply in love with Range Murata's art style... so that's what made me decide to purchace it (along with Wachenröder).

    Yeah, the game isn't very good... the main thing that makes me frown is that lack of SPEED in the game. It's just waaaay too slow.

    And that's my 2 cents. [​IMG]
  6. CHE

    CHE Ban Hammered

    Huum... the only good point in this game are Solis attributes [​IMG] .
  7. sayguh

    sayguh New Member

    I figured it was due to silence in the beginning of the tracks.

    Yes, I think it does suck quite a bit. But I dont know- some people really like it.

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