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Help! how to brun the iso with mp3?

Discussion in 'General Tech Help & CD Burning Help' started by chng99, May 7, 2002.

  1. chng99

    chng99 Guest

    I get a ISO file and some mp3 files for saturn .

    This is my CD burn procedure>

    1. Nero > burn image

    2. The game play normally with "Saturn" but no

    backgroud music.

    3. Use abovsaid CD, Nero > Audio disc > add mp3 file to

    sound track.

    4. "Saturn" find the CD is a audio CD and cannot play.

    * I checked the ISO contain bootable file.

    Pls help me and how to brun the CD correctly.

    :woah: :woah:
  2. SirLancerlot

    SirLancerlot New Member

    You know, I had the same problem for a while. The reason you're getting either no music or no game is because you need to make a single session, mixed-mode CD from an image file. Here is the EXACT procedure to burn an iso with mp3:

    First of all, you need to get -->Easy CD Pro 95<-- because it is the ONLY CD BURNING SOFTWARE which supports mixed-mode CD from image (weird, huh?). You should be able to find it in the "Miscellaneous" section of this site. Note that it is freeware, even though it does not write at speeds higher than 4x (but who cares, right? [​IMG] ).

    You also need to have a MP3-to-Wave converter (my favorite one is the freeware version of -->CDex<--).

    Convert those MP3's to Wave files.

    Start Easy CD Pro, click NEW, and select "Mixed-mode from CD image".

    Click the "General" tab and un-select "Test before writing".

    Click the "Image" tab and import your iso file.

    Click the "Audio Tracks" tab and Drag-and-Drop your Wave files (from explorer) into that window. Make sure that your tracks are in order.

    Start burning by clicking that red dot on the toolbar.

    You should now have a Single-Session, Mixed-Mode, Saturn Compatible CD!!!

    Feel free to e-mail me at raptator@yahoo.com if you have any questions.
  3. Link Hylia

    Link Hylia New Member

    this is what you do

    Burn the ISO as an "Image" of Track 1

    tracks 2-20 or so, use the appropriate MP3s

    if you have doubts, use Winamp to convert the MP3s to WAV files, not a bad idea anyway since Nero must convert them to CD audio to burn it (WAV's are uncompressed, as are CD Audio Tracks; helps prevent buffer underrun errors aka coasters)
  4. King M

    King M New Member

  5. Silender

    Silender New Member

    HEY there is a forum called "Tech Help/CD Burning Help" and STOP making new threads everywhere . Don't ruin the forums and the forum rules.

    DAMN read the rules before you post.
  6. chng99

    chng99 Guest


    Sorry I post this tropic in wong place. But I think many people wil face this problem.

    Thank you with your comment.

    Final I get the "sega cue sheet maker" and with nero 5 to solve the problem. No need to change the MP3 to wav.

    (Follow the tut in this site )


    Caution !!!!!!

    Don't use Easy CD pro or NTI 3.0 in win2000 because it wil hang up the computer and very hard to solve the problem.
  7. Torx

    Torx New Member

    my procedure, cant get any simpler than this..


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