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hi ya lockecole

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by ogami ichiro, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. ogami ichiro

    ogami ichiro New Member


    its no bad luck at all.....

    but the other day i download panzer dragoon (1) and i burn it without any problems ( a yeah....i dont have it beacause a little bastard stole my precious game) ejem...

    but i noticed something.....that the game doesnt have music....

    i search again so maybe i just miss the mp3 rar's but nothing

    the total iso file is about 220 Mb or some

    is it ok

    a yeah, and in the directory are to panzer dragoon directory's (one say's panzer dragoon 1 alias) so what is this

    a yeah....other thing that perfect go with my bad luck

    its that i'm also down blue seed but an archive is broken...but i dont know what is the file that is broken (its in ace format i think)

    so please help me

    thank you so much for take the time to read this

    i really apreciate that
  2. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    panzer dragoon should have audio tracks. i believe they're in another folder connected to it . . i'll check it out.

    blue seed i havent tested yet, as im on a mac and they dont (at least not yet, until i get up and try and port over the unace sources) have a mac implementation, but i will try to extract those blue seed files to see if any are corrupt. if you resumed downloading any of them i suggest you redownload the ones you resumed, as resuming on my server will corrupt the file for a strange reason.

    also, i noticed before, in my thread and ralos' in the ftp forum that you had two other games, if you could, please upload them?
  3. ogami ichiro

    ogami ichiro New Member


    in the blue seed game i dont know what files i resume, because in this case, the files are on ace format so i cant open the files one on one.

    no, i dont see any other folder that contain the music of panzer dragoon 1, only another folder with the name of panzer dragoon alias...its strange...i think

    thats right i'll try to upload those games as soon as posible

    and thanks
  4. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    crud . . . i must've deleted them. i'll rerip them from my burn, though i believe some of the audio from my burn has irregularities with the music.
  5. lockecole2

    lockecole2 New Member

    there ya are ogami . . the panzer dragoon music is back up.

    now to check blue seed.
  6. ogami ichiro

    ogami ichiro New Member

    thank you very much lockecole

    now i can hear the excellent music from panzer dragoon again

    only blue seed....i'll trying finding what file are corrupted or whatever too

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