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Impressive: the Saturn contest entries are out

Discussion in 'News' started by RockinB, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

    Finally, here are the final rankings and downloads of the

    SEGA Saturn Coding Contest (C4 - 2006)


    The winners are: :star:
    1. Bounty Getters (proof of concept) by Zaksund
    2. Super Mario Clone ported by VBT
    3. Charette A Bestiaux (multiplayer tank battle game) by Vreuzon

    Other entries are:
    • 3d landscape flying demo by Rockin'-B
    • 3d car demo written in Game Basic by VBT
    • 2d graphic demo by Charles MacDonalds

    To cite a judge (Tassian):

    Download the SEGA Saturn CD images,

    view detailed ranking and

    read complete judge comments here:


    Don't miss playing the entries yourself, either on a real SEGA Saturn (swap-trick or modchip) or on an emulator like SSF, yabause and the like.
  2. vbt

    vbt Staff Member

    Really nice job Rockin :rock: the contest was well organized. All the entries looks really good and some of them could be the start of nice games.

    This year we have 3D, textures, transparency, custom effects and more. There still some feature we can add for next contest like gouraud, blur hi-res, ...

    It's time to congrat :congrats: everybody for their entries, the time spent to give us high quality programs. Thanks also to the judges who spent hours on testing all entries and give us feedback/ranking.

    Well normally I should participate and hope to see again more Saturn devers. For those who fear to start with SGL/SBL you could try the sega game basic(see my entry) ;)

    I did a miror here if you get problems with free shares :

  3. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    Again congratulations to all the contestants who entered in this years C4 contest /rant erm Classic Console Coding Contest since the last C stands for Contest. Its like people saying ATM machine where the M stands for machine. /end rant :p

    Everyone that entered did a wonderful job. I was very impressed by all the entries. Mine would have never come close to any of them. But there is always next year ;). Big thank you to you Rockin-b, with out you none of these would of been possible as well as all of those that donated all the nice prizes.
  4. RockinB

    RockinB Staff Member

    Wow, I'm so happy that this contest turned out to be a success. Though with so many prizes, I thought more contestants would join the battle.

    There will be a next C4 contest this year, again. Like always, it will be free of any entry restrictions (like "create a shooter" or "make an educationaly game"). I will try to support and honour usage of special hardware features, professionalism in general. Maybe through extra points or extra prizes. It will be shorter, too, since the runtime of the previous C4's turned out to be simply too long.

    Thanks to all contestants, sponsors and judges. Hope to see you again at the C4 - 2007!
  5. mrkotfw

    mrkotfw Member

    Great entries! I'm burning the C4 disc as we speak!

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