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In the mood for Sega Ages

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by MethodGit, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. MethodGit

    MethodGit New Member

    Newcomer alert! Newcomer alert! Hi, all. :)

    Just thought I'd express the fact that right now, I'm in the mood for collecting retro compilations. And lots of them. Hopefully at a small price, or even free. :biggrin:

    I very much enjoyed the (European) Sega Ages pack that I bought off the market back in '99 along with a Saturn to go with it (only to have the Saturn replaced with another one, more on that when I have the time), and am hoping to try and grab the other packs in the series.

    I take it the others were only released in Japan. Yet I cannot seem to find an accurate list of all the various Sega Ages JP packs that came out, with their correct titles.

    Does anyone know of a good page that goes into detail regarding this retro series? And does anyone know a good place where I can buy/download/whatever them?

    Hope I haven't said anything that breaks the rules. :cool: Thanks!

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